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14 Best Books to Start Your Child's Reading Journey

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

In this article, I will be sharing books which you can read to your infant.

Majority of the books can be found in National Library.

Reading creates a special bonding moment with your infant.

This helps to stimulate his cognitive and language development by introducing sounds, words, and tones.

Let your infant choose the books to read.

When reading to your infant, let him touch, hold the book and turn the pages.

Book Titles Colours

Colours is a bold, bright board book perfect for your infant’s little hands to touch and feel.

This helps to stimulate your infant's senses from birth and teach colours such as red, blue, green, yellow and purple.

Explore a world of colours with your infant.

The different textures, pictures and patterns on every shaped page are great for stimulating your infant’ s senses and learning colours.

It contains a range of bright, happy characters and faces in high-contrast black, white and yellow colours.

This helps stimulate your infant's developing eyesight from birth.

There is also a mirror at the end for your infant to smile at his own reflection.

Note: Your infant might be surprised, act or pose in front of the mirror. Or startle and cry when seeing his own reflection.

The board book contains a range of different vehicles in high-contrast black, white and yellow colours.

This helps stimulate your infant's developing eyesight from birth and hear each vehicle noises.

It brings together all 26 letters for a rhythmic journey of climbing a coconut tree. The pages come to life and keep your infant’s attention.

It brings together all 100 numbers for a rhythmic journey of climbing a coconut tree. The pages come to life and keep your infant’s attention.

The charming and lovable story takes you through a series of scenarios where animal dads desperately try to get their babies to say “dada” as their first word.

With each character responding with an animal sound instead, dada can act out the noises as he reads to your infant.

This helps your infant discover basic shapes. The colours and unique figures will hold your infant’s attention and teach him the difference between circles, squares, triangles.

It is a soft, padded board book.

This helps your infant absorb simple words with photos in various categories such as food, pets, trucks and clothes.

You can teach and point your infant’s body parts from head to toe as you read to him.

Note: There is an enhanced eBook version, click here to find out more.

This creates a lulling tone that prepares your infant for sleep, says goodnight to everything in sight in the book such as the room, moon, stars, lights, and even socks.

Lead your infant to lift the flaps, play hide and seek with Maisy and her friends.

This popular touch and feel book will help to engage your infant’s senses.

Your infant’s hands can touch the rabbit’s fur, feel a piece of fabric, and put his nose to the book to smell flowers.

Each page features an infant goes through play time, bath time, meal time, and bed time.

All infants have tired themselves out by the final page and are ready for a full night’s sleep. The adorable graphics make this an enjoyable read for all.

This sing-song book will help your infant practice counting from one to ten.

Have a blessed reading and bonding time with your infant!

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