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Finding a suitable Infant Care centre

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Finding a suitable Infant Care centre for your baby

As a parent, choosing a care child centre which suits our children’s learning and development’s needs is of utmost importance. As a parent, especially if you are a first time parent, how do you go about choosing the best infant care centre for your baby? Separation anxiety may happen when you have to leave your baby in the care of a stranger initially, hence it is even more important to choose a right centre for your family. One way to start selecting a handful of centres to visit, you may want to speak with friends and families whose children are or were from the centres and learn from their experiences.

Before you even make an appointment to visit the Infant Care Centre, do call check with Early Childhood Development Agency (EDCA) that the centre is registered with ECDA.

Below are some requirements which you should be looking out for:


Which kind of communication channels do you prefer? Some centres use apps for communication, while some use communication booklets or some like to talk to their teachers face to face. You may want to check how regularly the centre updates you on your children’s development and milestones. This will give assurance your child is growing up happily and healthily.

Environment and age appropriate equipments

Look out for equipment which will help in physical development of your baby, supportive structural fixtures in the centre will be important to allow your baby to stand, cruise and walk steadily.


Every infant care centre has its own educational programme to allow children development to the highest potential. Some centres also may offer additional enrichment programmes to increase the children's exposure to multiple modes of learning and a variety of learning such as Arts, Speech and Drama, music and movements.

Meal plans

Diet is an important pillar of health, it is crucial for optimal development of their body and growth. Assurance of knowing how the school plans their meals are important, do find out how they do they go about planning the choice of food and is it in line with guidance with nutritionists or pediatricians. If you child has food allergy, also find out if the centre is well equipped to handle children with allergies, both teachers and equipment wise.

Site Visit

Observe how the teachers talk to the children, how they carry the children, is there a system in place for meal times, toilet training and others. Go through the infant care’s daily timetable and daily routines and how it fit with your home care. As a general rule, children below three years old benefit most from one-to-one interaction with adult, the minimum ratio of carer to infants is 1 carer to 5 infants.

As a sought-after infant care centre in Tampines, eastern side of Singapore, we are committed to set up a safe and conducive environment for your babies. Nurture Infant Care Centre offers a holistic learning experience for your babies. Together with yourself, we work as partners to optimise your child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

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