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If your baby can do these things, he is no longer a newborn.

In this article, I will be sharing some pointers to help you notice your baby is no longer a newborn.

Lift his head up by himself.

Newborn’s head is slightly heavier for his neck since muscle development is still incomplete.

When the muscles develop, your baby will be able to lift his head up for a short while when you put him on the tummy.

Cry louder and differently.

In the beginning, newborn will constantly cry for attention.

Your baby starts to cry louder and differently for different needs like sleep, hunger, or just to let you know that he is missing you!

Start and stick to bed time routine.

Newborn wakes up constantly, be it day or night.

Your baby learns to sleep longer during the nights and stay awake during the day.

Do not get startled easily.

Newborn get startled by noise easily. Hence, it is important to swaddle newborn to help him calm down.

Your baby do not get startled easily.

Roll over.

Your baby’s muscles starts to develop, he will now learn to roll over from front to back.

Feed quickly and more.

Newborn is learning how to suckle either from the breast or the bottle, hence feeding is slow.

Your baby develops this suckle skill, starts feeding quickly and more.

Need bigger size of diapers.

There are different sizes of diapers for babies, starting with the ones for newborn.

As your baby grows in weight, he needs a bigger size of diapers.

Start play with himself.

By 3 - 4 months, your baby starts discovering and playing his toes, hands, fingers.

He might also try holding objects or start swiping at dangling toys.

Eat solid foods.

Newborn’s food mainly breast milk or milk formula.

When your baby is 4 months old, he is ready to try new flavours and textures of solid food like fruit puree and cereals apart from breast milk or formula.

Start laughing.

As a new parent, you might be waiting to hear your baby’s laughter.

Once your baby is almost 4 months old, he will start laughing when see you and play with you.

Enjoy bath.

In the beginning, newborn might cry a lot upon being bathed.

As your newborn grows, your baby starts to enjoy his bath routines and might ask for extended periods of time in the bathtub.

Enjoy being around people.

Newborn might have got nervous and cranky every time relatives come to your home to see him.

Once your baby is 4 months old, he will start enjoying other people’s company.

Your baby will also like looking at them and enjoys the attention given to him.

I hope all these pointers will help you to notice your baby is no longer a newborn.

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The infant's daily routines in our Tampines infant care include a good mix of structured activities such as introducing infants to a variety of colours, textures, and sounds etc, eat time, playtime and rest.

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You can visit us at the following venues:

Nurture Infant House (2 to 18 months Infants)

Blk 433 Tampines Street 43 #01-61 Singapore 520433

Genesis Childcare 1989 (Playgroup to Kindergarten 2)

Blk 433 Tampines Street 43 #01-63/65 Singapore 520433

Opening hours: Monday to Friday (7am to 7pm) & Saturday (7am to 2pm)

Public Bus services: 8 / 21 / 28 / 29 / 293

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