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9 Parenting Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Everything that a parent does can have a lifetime impact on a child.

In this article, I will be sharing parenting mistakes that a parent should avoid when raising a healthy and happy child.

1. Meet all your child’s demands.

This can spoil your child and hurt him in the long run.

2. Compare your child to peers or siblings.

This causes resentment and jealousy, spoiling relationships and setting high expectations that your child may not meet.

It is not healthy for your child to be constantly competing with others and end up disappointing him or you.

Your child will think he is not good enough and will negatively impact his self-confidence.

3. Fail to pay attention to your child.

Listen to your child on what he has to say and put yourself in his shoes.

This will help your child open up to you and trust you deeply.

Acknowledge your child’s feelings tell him that you care and he can reach out to you when he needs.

Avoid the urge to fix his errors and judge him for every mistake he makes.

4. Expect your child to be perfect.

As a parent, you might want the best for your child and see him growing up to be the ideal one you can feel proud of.

When you crave perfection in who he is or all he does, you add pressure to your child. Your child might pull himself back from trying anything new in fear of failure.

When your child is not up to your perfection, you get disappointed.

Leave enough room for your child to make mistakes and learn from them.

5. Set the wrong example for your child.

Your child notices and picks habits from you.

Your child looks up to you and learns faster from what he sees or observes every day.

Lead your child by example.

Do exactly what you like your child to do.

When you treat everyone with respect and kindness, your child will practice what he learns from you.

6. Be unavailable for your child.

Spend quality time with your child.

This strengthens your bond with your child and shows him that you love being with him.

Take time to catch up on your child’s life and try and empathize as much as you can instead of immediately jumping in to solve his problems or offer solutions.

7. Give your child rewards for every good action.

Your child must understand that doing good things should be a part of his character, not an accomplishment that always needs to be celebrated or rewarded for.

You might want to reinforce certain traits by praising or rewarding your child when he works hard to achieve something praiseworthy.

8. Force your choice of career on your child.

Every child has his strengths and weaknesses.

See what your child thinks, what he is motivated to do or passionate about.

Allow your child to become what he wishes to be.

Guide your child and nurture his talents.

9. Control all your child’s thoughts and actions.

As your child grows up, he wants to explore and discover people and things around him without your control.

Do not fear losing your child.

The more you control your child, the fewer chances your child will get closer to you. Let your child be on his own to learn.

Nurturing and raising a healthy and happy child into a healthy and happy adult is a long journey of hard work, sacrifices, understanding and patience.

I hope all these pointers will help you to nurture and raise a healthy and happy child into a healthy and happy adult.

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