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What Causes Your Baby’s Hiccups — and How to Manage?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

In this article, I will be sharing what causes your baby’s hiccups and tips to manage or prevent hiccups.

What causes hiccups?

Hiccups happen when something causes spasms of the diaphragm.

Breathe too much air.

Your baby swallows air when feeding on the bottle.

Excess air in the stomach causes bloating and spasms.

Irritate by the atmosphere.

Irritants in the air can cause coughing and contractions in the diaphragm.

Experience gastroesophageal reflux.

It stimulates stomach spasms.

Feed your baby too much.

This leads to bloating, stomach contractions and hiccups.

How to manage your baby’s hiccups?

Take a break to burp your baby.

Feed your baby with gripe water.

Diluted gripe water can soothe your baby’s stomach and stop the diaphragm spasms.

Put a pacifier in your baby’s mouth.

Pacifier can relax the diaphragm and stop the hiccups.

Distract your baby.

This can help stop hiccups.

Play your baby’s favourite music or hand him his favourite toy to distract him.

Do not scare your baby, smack his back, or hold his breath to stop the hiccups.

How to prevent hiccups?

Hiccups are often not preventable but following the strategies below may help.

Adjust your baby’s position.

Holding your baby upright when feeding can help reduce spasms in the diaphragm.

Breastfeed your baby.

This can help prevent excess air from entering your baby’s windpipe.

Make sure your baby latches properly to avoid swallowing air.

Massage your baby’s back.

Hold your baby in an upright position and massage his back.

This can help reduce the spasms and relax his diaphragm.

Burp your baby in between feedings.

This can help get rid of any accumulated air in the stomach and prevent hiccups.

Feed your baby when he is not crying or moody.

This can help in digestion and prevent the accumulation of air inside his stomach.

Avoid overfeeding your baby in one go.

Break your baby’s feeding in smaller portions and burp him immediately to avoid hiccups.

When to see a doctor?

Has hiccups that last longer than 10 mins.

Disturb his daily feeding and sleeping schedules.

Start coughing and producing excessive saliva when he gets hiccups.

I hope all these pointers and tips will help you to manage and prevent your baby’s hiccups better.

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