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Noelle’s Parents

 Firstly, I would like to thank the teachers and appreciate their efforts in taking care of my child with love and care. At first, I was worried about my daughter, wondering if she might have communication issues.

The way she reacted was very slow. 
Within a few weeks, I realised that she showed a lot of improvement in her communication. 
She also started socialising with the people she saw, bonded with the children in her child care and talked to her teacher individually at times. She could also do things independently. 
Once again, I really appreciate all of these efforts and hard work that the teachers had shown. Nevertheless,
I would like to see more of her improvements in future! 

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Kailey's Parents

 I want to thank the infant care for the love, care and protection they had for Kailey when she was there. 
 Kailey has grown hitting milestones and everyday when I pick her up during her infant days, there were no issues.
This place is where they call it home too… where they are nurtured, cared for and where they grow up. The teachers have done a wonderful job in the infant care and I am so happy I made the choice to put Kailey in their care.
Thank you to all the teachers in the Infant Care. You are like mothers to the rest of the kids and by God’s grace you teachers have come as a blessing. 
Each and everyone of you is God’s blessing.

It is a very special calling to be a teacher to kids regardless of their age. 

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 Rahyl’s Parents 

 I would like to thank all of you for taking
good care of Rahyl.
Now he is very comfortable going to the Center. This makes me feel confident that he is in a safe, loving and fun filled environment. 
Special thanks for giving the extra bit of information about his food intake everyday. To me, it means a lot for his health improvement.  
Again, thanks for posting pictures in “Class dojo”.
This gives a clearer picture of what the kids do each day.

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Damon's Parents

 I am very thankful for all the effort you have put in to take care of Damon. Ever since he started schooling, he has shown a lot of improvement. I knew this is because of your hard work.
I am grateful that Damon is able to say a lot of things now, he could also do things independently at home, there’s a lot of stuff I do not need to help him.
That’s so great. 
Thank you very much teachers,

all of you have done a great job!

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 Rance’s Parents 

The first friendly faces our children see every weekday morning, the gentleness and warmth so easily cure the occasional cling.
The tender loving care, makes school such a fun affair. When our small boy comes home a big man, we know the teachers really can.
Our eyes are not there to see, but our hearts are fully at ease. Without you beloved teachers, our lives will be in such a mess, I fear!
Keep up the good work and thank you Godsend. Oh my, how I wish school was open on the weekend. 

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Conan's Parents

Changing preschool for Conan to Genesis is one of the best choices that we’ve made as parents. 
And this is validated by the tender loving care and patience shown by all the teachers, who have done such a wonderful job in helping him to adapt to the new environment, as well as showing him the new discoveries made everyday. 
We are grateful to the dedication shown!

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 Netra’s Parents 

To: Ms Jily - She has a unique way of teaching I guess because our daughter, Netra, calls herself Jily at least once a day. Sometimes, when we play she will totally imitates Jily, which conveys  to us that she is having a good time in school. Sometimes she is Jily and  she will takes classes and tell us stories/rhymes. She always stay the same with fun and joy. Thanks for playing a vital role in my daughter’s growth.

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Elayne’s Parents

Thank you for being such an important role in Elayne’s learning life. Under your support and guidance, Elayne have learnt a lot of knowledge and built up a correct attitude towards learning.
I believe under your nurture, Elayne will definitely become a better person in future. 
Thank you for your hard work.

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 Esther's Parents 

Thank all the teachers teaching Esther how to read books, write and do homework in school.
Thank all teachers for showing love and care to Esther. 
Thank you for giving selflessly. You play a huge part in the future of the next generation

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Elina’s Parent 

Dear Teachers, thank you very much to each one of you for taking such great care of Elina and doing a great job. 
We will be indebted to you forever with gratitude. 
We feel happy going to our work place because of the teachers who are taking good care of Elina and we don't have to worry about her when she is at the day care. Thanks for all the help!!

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 Xintong, Jiashi and Jiale's Mother

Xintong has attended Genesis Childcare (TJ) since
she turned 2 years old and now has grown into a responsible and holistic learning student at her current primary school, which recently awarded her for her P1 academic achievement.

We, as parents, are happy to see all the progress she has made in Genesis through rigorous academic training from the teachers who have equipped with forward thinking in their curriculum preparation, and more importantly, character development, which we firmly believe will benefit throughout her life long journey.  

Despite the numerous new childcare options nearer to my house, I insisted on my 2 younger kids to attend Genesis. Likewise, we also recommend Genesis Childcare to our neighbourhood friends.

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Charleston and Creston's Mother 

Words cannot express the gratitude my family has for each and every Genesis Childcare (TJ) teacher and staff. They have been a huge part of our family for the
past seven years since my 1st born was enrolled

with them in 2011.

Genesis Childcare (TJ) has given both my children a secure and comfortable environment to grow and
learn together. The teachers always update us on the progress of our children in school, which made us feel very secured and assured, as we know that they are under good supervision. It feels like an extension of my home for my children.

The holistic learning (academic, routines, social and emotional aspect) provided has prepared my children well for primary 1. The credit goes to each and every teacher in Genesis childcare (TJ) for my children’s remarkable results in primary school in both
academics and behaviour.

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Anson's Parents 

Anson entered Genesis Childcare (TJ) when he was
2 years old, after a neighbour introduced the centre to us. Before that, he didn't like to talk and communicate with others. In a short period of six months, Anson's personality changed. He became cheerful and enjoyed communicating with others. I am very grateful for the character development the teachers have instilled in him. Anson is now 4 years old, he is more energetic and confident than before.

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Adele's Mother

Adele Ker attended Genesis Childcare since she was 18 months old. From the first day, she learnt about alphabets, animals and began speaking confidently.

She has also learnt to be responsible; she will keep her toys and return her bowl after her meal. The teachers will constantly update me what she has learnt in school. Now she is just 26 months old and she can remember her good friends’ names, which I am pleasantly surprised. She also enjoys telling me what she is learning in school every day. I am glad she is doing well academically and socially. She is also well taken care by her teachers.

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WanXin's Mother

WanXin entered Genesis at the age of 3 with very minimal exposure to English. Language barrier is our most pressing concern towards her studies and of her integrating into a brand new environment. However, she has progressed steadily with the passionate guidance from Teacher Catherine, Annie and Pavi. We are really proud of what she has achieved today and truly appreciate the great effort from all of the dedicated and lovely Teachers. Million Thanks!

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 Lucas' Mother

Genesis Child Care has provided my child with an educational environment   that has catered to his individual personality. Through encouragement and independent learning, he has developed an excellent foundation for creative learning. Good job, Genesis!

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Vedashree's Mother

Vedashree stepped into Genesis Childcare Taman Jurong on July 2017. Since the day she joined Genesis, I'm proud of her improvement in all aspects - English language, her way of communicating, caring for others, expression towards everything & attitude. The teachers of Genesis have really put in the effort, dedication and hard work in caring all children, which we have considered as a precious gift to our daughter. All the above are NOT ONLY just words WE really MEAN IT.. Thank you so much Genesis Taman Jurong Team.. 

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 Jing Lin's Mother

JL has been with Genesis from 2016, before he turned 3. In the centre, he learns to be more independent.

From time to time, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he can better feed himself, shower and best of all, get rid of his need for diapers when he was sleeping!
He is now in K2 and has advanced academically as the centre is preparing them for primary school. Appreciate the dedication of the teachers and for keeping close in contact with us parents so that we are not left out in these important growing years!

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Christabelle, Cayden and Caleb's Mother

Genesis Child Care is a wonderful place for a child to be nurtured, safe and happy. I cannot say this about other child care centres, but I can definitely see the love, concern and care in action from the Genesis Child Care team of teachers, housekeeper and cook.
The experienced teachers, many of whom are parents and grandparents themselves, inherently know the art of give and take with the children under their care
and patience.

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Alfie and Eliya's Mother

Thank you to the dedicated and caring teachers of Genesis! They are not only educators but they input love to my children whilst in their care. My firstborn who has just graduated from Genesis last year had benefitted from the activities and programmes conducted in the school and is now a good reader and aces in Spelling. My 2nd born son who is currently in N2, came into the school with a quiet attitude but has now turned into a chatty kid. He is now fluent in English and I find that cute. So without a doubt I have enrolled my daughter hoping that she will learn and have fun as much as her brothers in her pre-school journey. Thank you Genesis and their Teachers for all the love and care they have showered on all of my children! 

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Kieran's Mother

Kieran has attended Genesis Childcare (TJ) since he turned 18 months old and has grown into a confident and well-rounded student at his current primary school. His confidence stems from the years of rigorous academic training from the teachers at Genesis who are forward-thinking in their curriculum preparation.  But more importantly to me, it is the heart and soul that the teachers put into creating a holistic learning environment (with concerts, excursions, sensory play, etc) outside of academics, and the character development that the teachers have instilled in him, which I am extremely grateful for. Currently, my 2 younger sons are also attending Genesis. Despite the numerous new childcare options nearer to my house,

I insist for my 2 younger kids to attend Genesis.
When I tried the nearer childcare centres for my 2nd child, the other childcare centre was not able to provide the similar nurturing and holistic learning environment that Genesis has.

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Elliot's Mother

Elliot has been with this centre since he was in N1. Although he had a transfer once, he returned within the month itself. The other centre just could not get him to feel safe and comfortable. Teachers here are nurturing and patient and have grown with him. It's like a second home! He was given ample knowledge in academics and there were activities that allowed him to explore all aspects of life. I would contribute his strong language skills to the school for their curriculum. From a family of English speakers, Elliot is able to speak fluent Mandarin as well, which is attributed to his Chinese teacher Mdm Qiu. I could not be more grateful! I hope this centre will come to continue to nurture more students to come! Great job teachers! No one could have done better!

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Khalisah's Mother

Khalisah attended Genesis Child Care Centre since Feb 2016 when she was 18 months old. As she progresses through time, a lot of improvement can be seen from her; using her motor skills, socialising with other people and also her creativity is extraordinary. With Genesis, she has also learnt a language that is critical for daily use, Mandarin. Feeling thankful with Genesis for nurturing Khalisah. Always looking forward to working with them!

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 Shirley, Samuel and Sean's Parents

My 2 sons graduated from Genesis. Genesis has done a good job in preparing them for Primary 1. Both my sons are coping very well in Primary school. Sometimes they do miss Genesis. Without any hesitation or need to source for other childcare centres near my premises,

I enrolled my daughter (now n1) at Genesis. I believe Genesis in their qualified and reliable teachers, and their dedication towards the children. In just barely a month since my daughter started attending Genesis, she always come back home happy and sings to us songs, and looks forward to school the next day. My daughter is in good hands under Genesis. Thank you to all the teachers at Genesis

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 Mishel and Daania's Parents

Mishel joined the school when she was 3 years old.

She was a quiet girl and would observe her friends first before trying to make friends. Her former and current teachers were really caring and patient with her and have helped her to settle in really fast. Mishel slowly opened up and blossomed into the best that she can be. Through the years, she had so much fun and was always excited to go to school. The teachers and aunties are amazing with the children. They understand each kid’s needs and help them to gain confidence through the daily activities. Thank you to all the teachers and the aunties. We really do appreciate your hard work and the passion you have with all the children.

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Clara's Parents

Since my child was enrolled into Genesis Childcare Centre from N2, we have observed tremendous improvements in her learning capability, self-confidence and independence. She has become more vocal and likes to describe her happy learning moments in class. We strongly believe it is the genuine loving care from the experienced teachers here who have made this happen. Thank you, Genesis Childcare Centre for giving my child a loving and conducive environment to enjoy learning and grow happily.

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 Jayden's Parents

Our son Jayden was enrolled in Genesis childcare centre, starting from playgroup to his eventual graduation from Kindergarten to Primary school.  The education programs were fun and beneficial, which not only enriched him with knowledge, but also bonded him with his schoolmates as well. 
Genesis curriculum is aligned with MOE guidelines and they did a very good job in gearing our son in preparation to Primary 1. Thanks to the strong foundation Genesis has guided him in those essential years, he has had a very smooth transition to P1. 
Keep up the good work Genesis, your passion for our children's growth has always been much appreciated. Thank you.

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 Tricia’s Parents 

I would like to thank all teachers from Genesis Tampines. I love it the way all of you work as a team or rather, as a big family.
Whenever I have any questions, all the teachers will address the question by asking each other to find out the answer. 
Ever since Tricia started school, I see many improvement in her. She can sing well, dance, be more organise, will help to keep things at home, and some other basic daily routines. 
Well done Teachers in Genesis! 
Keep up the good work, you guys are great!

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