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Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infan

Discover the infant care
that will give you peace of mind
while you are at work...

knowing that your infant is immersing in our premium services that make him or her feel home
away from home

Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infan



  • With more than 34 years of experience, we are  Singapore’s leading provider for preschool services

  • Our curriculum consists of high-quality learning and care for infants between 2 to 18 months

  • Being committed to providing excellent services for parents, we are a preferred partner of choice

About us
Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infan

Our Approach

  • Provide a warm, loving and interactive environment for infants

  • Help each child become a curious and independent learner

  • Build children’s self-esteem and confidence 

  • Provide parents with the confidence that their child is in the good hands of trained and caring teachers

  • Guided by three central elements: attachment, routines and play

  • Stimulates infants with exercises for the body and enrichment for the mind

  • Daily routines that include structured activities and rest, as well as time for independent exploration and learning

Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infan

Our Framework

Our Curriculum

Sensory-motor Development

A wide range of interesting activities held in a safe and stimulating environment will develop your child’s gross and fine motor skills.

Language and Cognitive Growth

Cognition is the ability to think, learn and remember. Your infant's brain is rapidly making sense of the world through each interaction with our sensitive care-givers. Listening and absorbing the basic and distinct sounds of language, he or she is forming the foundation for speech.

Creative Stimulation through Senses

Your child’s five senses are engaged in a specially designed environment that utilizes colours, play tools, textures and sounds. As your child discover cause and effect through play, he or she will also build up a sense of creativity, inquisitiveness and exploration.

Social and Emotional Connection

The way we respond to a child is critical for his or her development, both socially and emotionally. Through responsive and interactive communication, your child will learn about various moods, gestures and emotions as his or her personality develops.


Why are we special?

Staff, Resources & Meals

  • Trained and qualified caregivers

  • Respectful and warm teachers who are responsive to children

  • Small teacher-child ratio of 1:3

  • Age-appropriate and dedicated toys and teaching materials

  • Nutritious meals specially planned according to the dietary recommendations for infants

Close Communication 

  • Regular updates about child's well-being

  • Affirmations on child's development from teachers

  • Personal communication book for all children

  • Thoughtful teachers with a heart for children

  • Good rapport between teachers and parents

Conducive Environment

  • Designated areas for sleep and play in a double-storey building

  • Well-ventilated with air-conditioners and fans

  • Organized, fun-filled and professional routine care for children

  • Located 1 minute away from a playground,
    5 minutes away from greenery

  • Babies and toddlers are taken care of exclusively on separate floors

Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infant care centre for 2 to 17 months old infants and toddlers

Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infan


Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infan

Thank you for the love, care and patience that you had shown upon the little ones. We know how tiring it is to take care of the infants and we really respect you for your passion!
Thank you once again!!

Hannah's parents

Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infan

Thank you teachers for all the love, patience, effort, care and tolerance that have been given to Xuan Qi when she is under your care.
Her smiling face speaks all. 
I am grateful that I have found a good place for her to start her adventure

Xuan Qi's parents


Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infan

Thank you very much for your time and effort to take care of our Eijaz Hasbi as well as other babies. 
Managing young babies can be very tough no doubt but we salute and appreciate your patience for extending tender loving  care to all the cuties.

Eijaz’s Parents

Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infan

Everyday when Laurabeth goes to school, the receiving teachers are always very happy to bring her in.
All of you have created a safe and warm environment for my little one to be in. I can see that she really enjoy herself in IFC.

Laurabeth's parents

Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infan

On behalf of Davan, I would like to express this:
I am growing to be a happy and healthy boy, because of teachers like all of you. 
Thank you for taking care of me and teaching me new things in school everyday.

Davan's parents

Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infan

On behalf of Ariel, I would like to express this:
The teachers are like a sun that shines on me.
They take care of me and bring me to explore the new things in this world.
Thanks Teachers for your care and patience for me.

Ariel's parents



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Nurture Infant House (Tampines)

433 Tampines Street 43, #01-61 S(520433)

Nurture Infant House (East Coast)

715 East Coast Road S(459067)

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