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5 Surprising Facts about Infants You Probably Didn't Know

Infant age is a beautiful time from zero months to a year of age. While it is extremely delightful to see your baby taking their first steps and uttering their first words, it is expected that parents will always worry about how best to care for their infants.

Instead of being too anxious, why not try to breathe and revel in the experience? We’ll help you out here by revealing five facts about infants that you didn’t know!

1. Infants are born to dance

If you notice your baby bopping to the music, that’s because they’re born to dance! Studies show that babies can respond to the music’s rhythm and tempo. They like it much better than speech!

Music is excellent for babies’ development. Research even shows that when you expose babies to music and movement, their brains quickly detect disruptions to patterns in speech sounds. In comparison, babies without exposure to music could not see these disruptions. This was cited as evidence in the study that music and movement improve a baby’s ability to learn speech much faster! Therefore, if you want your infant to learn a language faster, music is important to their development.

2. Infants can see the colour of red first

Interestingly, when it comes to colour recognitions, infants recognise red first. Science says that’s because infants are hardwired to recognise specific colours first.

That means that learning to recognise colours is both intuitive and an essential part of a child’s development.

Colour recognition teaches children essential life skills. For example, in mathematics, colour recognition is used to categorise, sort, compare and organise. Additionally, as children learn to describe colour, they also communicate more effectively. For instance, visual cues to see red as danger and hot helps the child to learn visual communication. Of course, colours are a creative expression in Design as well. Your infant learns to express themselves early when you teach them about colours.

3. Learning to talk when the baby’s in mummy’s tummy

Did you know that your baby can hear you while in the womb? Although most babies won’t utter their first word until they are a year old, they are already learning to speak from the start.

Speaking and singing to your infant helps them to learn words much faster. The studies show that if you start reading to your infant earlier, they also learn to recognise rhythms and patterns of speech.

4. Infants love white noise

If you’re wondering about infant care, here’s a remarkable fact you need to know: white noise reminds your infant of the noises they hear while in the womb. What is white noise? It’s defined as sounds over a wide frequency range. There are plenty of Youtube videos that play white noise. But the sound of a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner also works.

Another way to calm your infant down is to hold them near your heart. It can also remind them of the time when they are safe in mummy’s tummy.

5. Infants learn much faster than adults

Infants’ brains form connections much faster than adults. As different noises and music stimulate them, they learn and absorb everything around them. Neural connections are formed rapidly and strengthen as they repeatedly use the same brain pathways. This makes the brain more efficient as the person can recollect information quickly, but it might make learning new things difficult as they grow older.

Therefore, to harness this youthful brain development, infants must be in a safe environment to learn new things daily. If you are looking for an infant care centre, then the place must have a sound curriculum to support your infant’s development. Here’s a guide to choosing the best infant care centre for your infant.


Infant care may seem daunting to new parents. But with age and experience, taking care of your infant will become easier. Besides, you only have a precious short time to enjoy their sweet baby scent. So apart from worrying about their development, make sure you spend meaningful time enjoying their laughter as well.


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