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Choosing a Childcare or Infant Care Centre for Your Child?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Studies show that early childhood education in general increases a child’s cognitive development, reduce grade retention and improve behaviours during elementary years.

As a result, many of us panic when we the time comes when we need to choose a childcare or infant care centre for our children.

For many parents, selecting a school for your child is an exciting, but challenging task. By sending them to the best childcare possible, you are able to give your child a great beginning in life. But how do you decide which nursery is best for your child with so many choices?

If you are a loyal reader of our blog, you would notice that we have written an article about choosing an infant care centre for your baby.

The information in that article is still relevant, but today, we will explore even deeper into the essential factors to consider when you are at this important junction of you and your child’s lives!

1. Curriculum and Programmes

Needless to say, a childcare or infantcare’s curriculum and list of programmes will affect how and what your child will learn in school. Generally, preschools in Singapore adopt either an academic curriculum or one that focuses on play.

Preschools adopting an academic program tend to prefer an approach that focuses heavily on worksheet completion. A play-based program, one the other hand, derives from the idea that kids learn best through play. As such, in these schools, kids will spend time discovering and engaging in open-ended activities that evoke their creativity.

Research has shown that the play-based technique helps kids become more independent. This is because they will have more chances to engage with each other, enhancing their social skills. Learning through play also allows kids to use innovative thinking to reason, reflect and solve issues.

For those of you living in the east of Singapore and are looking for a Tampines preschool or a childcare at Tampines, Genesis Childcare Tampines and Nurture Infant House are here to serve your needs. The curriculum and programmes at our schools are guided by three central elements: attachment, routines and play.

Our curriculum includes a wide range of interesting activities that are held in a safe and stimulating environment. These activities will aid in sensory-motor development to hone your child’s gross and fine motor skill.

In addition, your child’s five senses will be engaged in a specially designed environment that utilizes colours, play tools, textures and sounds. As your child discover cause and effect through play, he or she will also build up a sense of creativity, inquisitiveness and exploration.

2. Credentials and Awards

While it is compulsory for all preschool teachers in Singapore to have at least a certificate or a diploma in early childhood education, it is an added bonus if you find out more about the credentials, awards, as well as qualifications that the preschool, childcare, or infant care in question holds.

Schools who are holders of multiple awards and qualifications show that they are interested and dedicated to continually improving their curriculum and programmes to better serve the needs of your child. This also means that they are more likely to adopt modern and innovative teaching methodologies as compared to traditional teaching methods that may be less beneficial to children.

Here at Nurture Infant House we are proud to tap on our preceding experience in running a child care centre since 1989. As such, we have had over 30 years of experience in this industry, and over the years, we are humbled to have garnered numerous awards and accolades!

3. Parent-teacher Communication

When you are deciding on which preschool to send your child to, be sure to remember to check how information such as things that happen in school and your child’s progress will be communicated to you.

You should also find out how often you will be updated and when. The school should track and report the progress of your child on a regular basis, identifying any areas that may be of concern.

At Nurture Infant House, we will provide regular updates about your child's well-being. You will also receive affirmations on your child's development from our dedicated teachers. In addition, each child will get a personal communication book to aid communication between all parties.

We truly believe that communication is key and that it is important to have good rapport between teachers and parents in older for your child to excel!

The Bottom-line

Choosing a preschool for your child can be daunting. Be sure to follow the three tips mentioned in this article before making a decision.

For parents living in the east of Singapore and are looking for a childcare in Tampines, Genesis Childcare 1989 has had 31 years of experience in caring for your little ones. It is definitely one of the leading Tampines childcare centres!

Similarly, for parents living in the east of Singapore and are looking for an infant care centre in Tampines, Nurture Infant House is one of the leading Tampines infant care centres with more than a decade of experience in caring for your beloved children.

Hear what our parents say:

“Kieran has attended Genesis Childcare (TJ) since he turned 18 months old and has grown into a confident and well-rounded student at his current primary school. His confidence stems from the years of rigorous academic training from the teachers at Genesis who are forward-thinking in their curriculum preparation. But more importantly to me, it is the heart and soul that the teachers put into creating a holistic learning environment (with concerts, excursions, sensory play, etc) outside of academics, and the character development that the teachers have instilled in him, which I am extremely grateful for. When I tried the nearer childcare centre for my 2nd child, the other childcare centre was not able to provide the similar nurturing and holistic learning environment that Genesis has.”

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