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Importance of a strong teacher-child relationship

Updated: 2 days ago

A child tends to grow and learn better when they have a strong sense of trust, security and self-confidence.

You might ask exactly how do you instill such qualities in your child? One way is actually to ensure that a strong, positive relationship is established between your child and his/her caregivers.

So what constitutes a strong, positive relationship?

Infants and toddlers flourish in an environment that is safe, comforting and caring. When they are in what they regard as a “safe space”, they will gradually grow to become more physically and emotionally attached to the people around them.

At Nurture Infant House Tampines, we strongly believe in the need to build a close teacher-child relationship. With over 30 years of experience in the childcare industry, we have discovered that a child’s preschool experience is dependent on their relationship with the teachers. How a child interacts with their teacher would determine how well they develop socially, physically and emotionally.

Thus, our dedicated teachers here at Nurture Infant House Tampines always care for our children beyond the superficial level. We genuinely care about each and every child’s well-being, which we believe is the basis of forming close relationships. With constant observation and close interaction with the children, it is only a matter of time before they start to warm up and get comfortable with their caregivers!

There is a need to place emphasis on developing strong teacher-child relationships as it promotes a healthy brain development in little ones. When children are comfortable enough with their caregivers, they tend to be more open about how they think and feel, which drives them to be more involved with lessons and daily activities. This speeds up their learning process as they grow to become inquisitive individuals who are unafraid to clarify their doubts.

With our relationship-focused curriculum, we aim to create an environment that is both safe and fun for children so that strong relationships can be nurtured eventually!

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