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How to find the right infant care centre for your baby ?

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Are you at the stage where you have to decide who to take care of your infant or which infant care centre to place your child at? are you starting to feel anxious or perhaps a little flustered, as you do not know what is the right decision to make?

Nurture Infant House Tampines is a infant care centre for 2 to 17 months old infants and toddlers

Don't worry! You are definitely not alone in this.

How are some basic requirements that should be present at an infant care centre, that would help to make sure your child will be in good hands there.

Aside from the general facilities, safety guidelines and cleanliness of the centre, the other aspects within the centre are entirely dependent on individual preference.

Some parents tend to favour smaller centres where teachers can give more individual attention to each child, while others may favour centres that are more established. Regardless of which infant care centre you ultimately decide to place your child at, just make sure that it is registered with the Early Childhood Development Agency (EDCA).

Regular Updates

As mentioned above, there are a few basic requirements that are expected of an infant care centre, the most crucial being the provision of regular updates on your child by the caregivers. Communication is key as it allows you to be aware of your child’s growth and development. This is especially important as infants between 2 to 18 months old are beginning to develop cognitive, social and emotional skills. Hence, keeping you constantly informed about his/her progress will help you ensure your child’s healthy growth.


Another factor to consider is the curriculum of the centre. The programme that the children are exposed to should help them develop to the best of their abilities. Check if the infant care centre’s curriculum is aligned with the Singapore Early Years Development Framework (EYDF), so you can be sure your child is growing up in a holistic environment


The resources within the centre are significant as well. The equipment used should be age-appropriate, where they are able to help children get the most out of their daily activities. Look out for supportive features that can help infants learn to stand and walk better. Well-padded equipment is essential too, especially for children who are mastering their gross motor skills like tumble and roll.

Meal plans

You can also consider the meal plans that infant care centres offer, since food is a crucial factor for proper growth and development. Some centres do ensure that the children are provided with nutritious meals that are suitable and recommended for infants, and this can definitely give your child a boost in physical and cognitive development.

General feels of the centre

Finally, how you feel about the centre is the most important. Do you feel comfortable enough to leave your precious one with the caregivers in the centre? Ask around for referrals. Get trusted insights into a centre. You’ll definitely be able to see a clearer picture once you’ve gotten all the necessary information that you need!

As your days of maternity and paternity are drawing to a close, you’ll soon have to make this major decision.

If you are located at Tampines, join us at Nurture Infant House! Not only are we EDCA registered, we guarantee a holistic learning environment that is cultivated by our dedicated and passionate caregivers! With more than 30 years of experience as a childcare centre and 10 years as an infant care centre, we are confident to be able to provide your infant with high quality and dedicated preschool services.

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