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Importance of Preschool Education

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

‘Ministry of Education talks about a purposeful play where teachers intentionally plan the play experiences and organise the environment to enhance learning’ according to a Straits Times article. With meticulously curated learning programmes for the little ones, preschools' objectives are to provide a supportive hand in the holistic development of your child.

So why is it so important for my child to receive a preschool education? In this article, I will be sharing more about the importance of preschool education and provide more details on the more subtle benefits of undertaking preschool education.

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Social Development

Teachable moments

Teachable moments refer to an unplanned opportunity that arises in the classroom that provides the teacher with the chance to offer insight to students. For example, there could be a minor conflict occurring where a child is unwilling to share his toy. The teacher could have taken the opportunity to teach the class the value of sharing and how their behaviour may impact others. Teachers utilise situations or interesting events that come up unexpectedly to teach new values and ideas to the students and further learning in the classroom.

Development of skills

Preschool activities are meticulously designed to help children develop one or more aspects of their emotional and physical wellbeing. An example could be an arts and crafts session where children are challenged to practise their motor control in drawing and colouring, whereby helps to develop their creativity and imagination as well. With daily opportunities to try out and learn new things everyday, your child will have a fulfilling and fun-filled experience.


The preschool environment is set up to encourage your little ones to step out of their comfort zone, to encourage exploration of the world and their individual self. In addition to a safe and conducive learning environment, preschool teachers are professionally trained to help children develop their own ideas and thoughts. The teachers encourage learning stemmed from curiosity and provide an opportunity for your child to voice their opinions. With a stimulating environment, your child will be able to grow holistically through exploration and curiosity of their surroundings.


Learning through play

With the emphasis placed on academics in Singapore, parents are put under greater pressure to ensure that their child is ‘getting ahead of the game’, wanting their child to have a fun and memorable childhood at the same time. Fret not, a high-quality childhood education provides programs based on both learning and fun through play.

Children learn best through activities that they find fun and interesting. Therefore, preschools provide a holistic learning experience through engaging your child in activities such as reading, singing, imaginative play and through a whole variety of games. Through interactive play, your child will be learning with their peers, developing skills such as math and literacy skills at the same time. After all, it's all about creating a healthy and well-rounded happy child.

Foster Independence

Preschool gives you the needed space as a parent to have time to pursue your own interests and hobbies. It is important to take care of yourself and ensure that you do not neglect your own needs, otherwise you may experience parental burnout. Parental burnout is a condition whereby one is mentally and physically drained to the extent where they are over-exhausted as their role as a parent. At the same time, it provides a child with time away from the comforts of their own home and with their parents. A child gradually learns to develop independence.

Children in preschool get to make choices, such as which activities they choose to participate in. This helps children to follow their interests and develop decision-making skills. While teachers keep a watchful eye on the children, they are trained to not interfere in minor conflicts, which encourages children to solve problems on their own.

Children are offered daily opportunities to practice being responsible. From washing their hands before and after they eat to putting toys back in their designated places. They learn to be responsible for themselves. Furthermore, the inclusive environment that they are put in provides chances for them to help others out around the classroom as well, helping your child to become thoughtful and caring of the well-being of others. Learning new skills will help your child to develop more confidence in themselves as well.


Preschool provides exposure for children to be in a structured setting with teachers and other groups of children. Your child, along with their peers, will learn to follow instructions and basic classroom rules. Having these group experiences will help your child to adapt more easily and integrate well when they enter kindergarten and primary school. Through routines and expectations set, your child will be more equipped and ready for their future schooling journey which will be more structured and demanding.

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