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Instilling Responsibility in your Child

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

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Developing a good sense of responsibility is essential in order to succeed in school, work and life in general. Being responsible is a highly desired quality as it makes one dependable and trustworthy.

Then the real question arises: How do I start teaching my child responsibility and when do I start?

Studies have shown that the important years of development in a child is from age 0 to 5 years, thus it is best to start early - as soon as the moment they turn 3. You can start small from your child’s home environment with simple tasks and chores.

It takes time to cultivate responsibility as a habit and it involves multiple social groups that the child interacts with often: school, teachers, family. They can guide children through the learning process to become responsible, cultivating independence at the same time.

Setting expectations on children such as the responsibility to do a household chore introduces some form of predictable structure into the child’s lives. Parents that show their appreciation to their child for completing a specific task, tend to spur the child on to keep up the ‘good effort’, especially since parents are role models to their child.

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Obedience is not equal to Responsibility

Obedience is when parents expect a child to simply follow instructions without knowing why they have to do so. This can often be misunderstood as responsibility. However, responsibility actually is teaching the child to accept ownership for doing a chore or task to the point where the child understands the rationale and would initiate to do the task the next time round.

Explain and help your child to understand the importance of responsibility. Allow your child to try things out their way to foster a greater sense of ownership and pride in undertaking the task.

To instill the values in them and for responsibility to be an intrinsic value, try not to motivate your child by rewarding them through material gains. It has been proven that children lose more motivation instead and it will not be ingrained in them but rather prove to be temporary behaviour. At the same time, do not impose the task or chore on the child as punishment.

Encouraging teamwork

By including everyone in the family, it fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness as everyone is contributing.

Here are some ways to start to encourage teamwork:

1. Splitting up household chores among family members at home, especially among your children.

2. Include children when making decisions such as family outings

3. Come together to talk about problems and brainstorm together to solve problems

Wondering what chores would suit your little ones?

Well, these are some suggestions that your child can start with.

For children aged 3-5: Starting small such as learning to put away their toys and putting their dirty plates in the sink.

For those aged 5-6: Helping to keep their play area tidy, engaging and helping with setting and clearing the table and watering plants.

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How does learning responsibility benefit my child?

A study conducted by Marty Rossmann of University of Minnesota in 2002 showed that young adults who started doing chores at the young age of 3-4 years old have greater likelihood to have happy and healthy relationships with people surrounding them, become successful in their studies and future careers.

With the start of helping out in chores at home, it inclines the individual to be more family-oriented, and they tend to be more helpful and kind.

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