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Ways To Grow A Smart Child

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Wanting to have smart children is probably what most parents wish apart from them being healthy and happy. But it is not so easy to raise smart children. Like a proverb suggests, Knowledge is like a garden; If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested. As parents, we need to put in lots of effort and patience. Understanding that childhood is crucial for brain and motor development, we need to fully leverage on the short time we have during childhood. Children grow up in a blink of an eye. Read more about holistic child development here.

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Methods To Cultivate Knowledge

Cultivating knowledge will be easier if the child is keen in learning. Make learning fun and engaging in any way you can.

Interactive Playtime

Incorporate academic topics like math and science into playtime. Glamourising learning can definitely make it easy for children to willingly bring themselves forward to learn. There are many learning apps on the market now, targeted towards children. There are a variety of free videos on YouTube with interactive videos using animations. A typical game which many of us may be familiar with would probably be SCRABBLE, CHESS, CHECKERS and so on. These games definitely challenge the brains of children but may not be suitable for children below 5 years of age. These games require a certain level of understanding to be able to play effectively.

In our Tampines childcare, playgroup Tampines and infant care centre, we use developmental toys to aid with our child’s growth. Here are 5 common toy types and how they can help your little ones.

Develop Life Skills

Academics is not all it is, I believe that life skills are also a component for a child to be considered smart. Not just academically smart, but those all-rounders, as the laymans call them, street smart, as well. Involving them in cooking for their own meals will allow them to learn about the science behind cooking and even understanding the methods of cooking. These experiences will etch in their mind as their childhood will be rich of these learnings. Purchase kid friendly kits. Examples include sewing kits, builder kits, doctor kits and so on. They can learn how to patch up torn clothing, build simple things following instructions and even first-aid.

Engage In Reading

Read bedtime stories or involve your child in having allocated reading time everyday and have them develop the habit of reading. Once hooked onto books, your child is likely to never leave it even as they grow up. Allow them to explore various genres and find out what they like. Even if the genre is fantasy, they will be able to learn linguistic and articulation skills. Having books around on insects, the food they consume and the world they live in are some interesting concepts you can introduce to them since you pique their interests. Recently, there are introductions of books targeting genres like self-love, race, equality and other areas. Click here to find out how you can address race and racism to your young children. If you would like to have your children equip such knowledge, incorporate those into their reading list.

Tips & Tricks

Praise Their Efforts

Praise them on their achievements. No matter how big or small. Don’t be shy in throwing compliments and praises at them. Keep them humble, but give them the credit they deserve for what they have done. Let’s say your child went to open up the book on their own without the need for you to nag at them, please affirm their behaviour. Tell them that it is a behaviour you would like to see.

Communicate With Them Since Young

Start from when they are in the womb. Give them the head start. Not to be those kiasu, kaiser. I am no professional too, to say that learning can happen in the womb. All I am trying to say is that, given them the opportunity and the environment where they are able to explore their interests freely. Allow them to speak freely and gather your child’s opinions on things from a young age.

Practice Patience

As mentioned at the very beginning, patience is key. Make sure you are being gentle and acknowledging their efforts be it big or small. Big things take time. Along the way, teach them to be grateful. Teach them that they have done their best. This will give them the confidence to face challenges and rise from it. Provide them with a supportive school setting like our kindergarten Tampines, where they can develop themself effectively.

Enrol your child in Nurture Infant House

For the children to receive the best care and education, all teachers in Nurture Infant House are carefully selected based on their professional qualifications and past experiences. All teachers are also required to go through regular training and development to ensure that they stay updated on the best practices in the early childhood setting.

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