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What does a typical day in an infant care look like?

Updated: Sep 21

At Nurture Infant House Tampines, we expose our infants to stories, flash cards and music to pique their curiosity and interest about the world around them. Younger infants (2-12 months) learn and explore through simpler activities, while older infants (12-18 months) are more physically involved as they begin learning how to crawl, stand and climb.

A typical schedule at our centre from 7am to 7pm would consist of meals, routine care (eg. bathing, changing of diapers) and learning.

We believe that infants and toddlers learn best through exploring the environment using their senses. Thus, our curriculum centers around sensory-motor development, language and cognitive growth, creative stimulation through senses, and social and emotional connection.

A sample timetable, though the actual one may vary:

Morning Afternoon Evening

Breakfast Lunch Song and rhyme

Shower Story time Storytelling

Nap Nap Flash cards

Sensory motor activities Tea break Indoor play Home sweet home

The well-designed spaces in our centre coupled with our passionate educarers are sure to provide your infant with a comfortable and safe environment to learn and grow in. When your child actively engages in the various activities that we have prepared for them, they will be able to grow and develop holistically!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign your child up at Nurture Infant House Tampines now!


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