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Communication Tips: How to Get Your Infant to Listen to You

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

As parents, everything that we say and do are seen and replicated by our children. This means that the way in which we talk to our kids has a significant impact on how they view the world, how they learn, how they listen to us, and eventually how they will communicate with others.

In other words, because we are continually modelling to our kids how to act and behave, the way we speak to them and the way they witness us speak to others show them how we want them to respond to us.

Therefore, if you want your infant to be an excellent communicator, you have to talk to them the way you want them to talk to you.

In today's article, we explore some communication tips that will help to make your kids listen to you as well as become better communicators!

Tip #1: Use your toddler’s name

Just as you might think it is disrespectful when someone disregards your name when speaking to you, your child may feel unhappy when they are not called by their names.

So, when addressing your child, call them by their names. Even if it is for a simple task. Another pro tip is to make sure your child is focused on you after you call out their name before completing the rest of the sentence. This way, you know for sure that you got his or her attention.

For example, instead of merely saying "Dinner is ready, come eat.", say "Tommy! (wait for him to turn over) Dinner is ready, come eat!"

Tip #2: Don’t look down, literally

When communicating with your child, it is essential that you connect with him or her. To do so, you have to connect to your child at eye level. This means that you may have to go down to his or her eye level either by squatting down or sitting at the table next to them.

By getting down to their level, you demonstrate to your child that you should never "look down" at a person while speaking to them. Besides, squatting down or sitting next to them can help both of you to listen better as well!

Tip #3: Use positive language

Many times, we find that we often say "no" or "hey! Don't do that!" to our toddlers. These are negative words that may make your child feel dejected and unmotivated to try new things or communicate how they feel.

So, instead of saying "No running in the house" or " Don't drop the cup" use phrases like "Remember, only walking inside" and "Please hold on tight to this cup as it is my favourite cup".

By replacing negative words with positive language, you can give your child more confidence. More than that, they will be more likely to use these positive words in their day-to-day communication as they grow older, resulting in a more positive outlook on life!

Tip #4: Watch your manners

As mentioned, children mimic and model after their parents. So, if you want to raise kids who are polite communicators, you have to be a polite communicator yourself.

Make sure you say your please and thank you to them when they help you out with something. When you are out for a family meal, give thanks to the waiters and servers who are waiting on you too!

Tip #5: Don't interrupt

Sometimes, parents get impatient and interrupt their kids when they are trying to convey a certain message. When your kids are trying hard to come up with words to tell a story, don't interrupt them. Give them the time and space to make out the words they want to use. If children are constantly interrupted, they may lose interest in sharing their feelings and thoughts with you in the future. And that is definitely not what you want!

The Bottom-line

Fostering communication skills in your kids takes time, effort, and patience. With open, comfortable, and healthy communication, toddlers and young children will be able to cooperate better with others, develop confidence, have greater self-esteem, foster good relationships with others, and feel closer to you!

So, take things slow and use the communication tips that were mentioned in this article to raise a great communicator!

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