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How to Choose the Best Childcare Centre in Singapore?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Childcare sets the foundation of your little one’s early childhood education. However, the tricky part is choosing one. Need help in choosing the best childcare centre in Singapore?

Choosing a childcare centre with wide options in Singapore can be a tough chore for parents. We have listed 10 most important factors to consider when choosing a childcare centre.

Guide to Choose a Childcare Centre in Singapore

1. Location

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The no. 1 most important factor to consider is the location.

Are you planning to send and fetch your child from home or office daily?

Choosing a childcare centre close to your home or office can certainly provide some relief and convenience in your daily commute as it would give you the convenience of dropping off your child easily before and after work. Your child and you can also save time on travelling!

2. Environment and Cleanliness

Is the childcare centre overall look and feel to your liking?

Are there sufficient spaces for the children to sit or stand comfortably or move throughout the day?

Does the childcare centre look clean?

Do you like the environment?

As the childcare centre is where your little one will be, hygiene is extremely important as it ensures that the well-being of your little ones is taken care of.

3. Credentials and Awards

Do the teachers in the childcare centre have at least a certificate or a diploma in early childhood education?

Does the childcare centre have any credentials, awards and qualifications?

Childcare centres who are holders of multiple awards and qualifications show that they are interested and dedicated to continually improving their curriculum and programmes to better serve the needs of your child.

With over 30 years of experience, our preschool in Tampines is rated as one of the top 3 preschools in Tampines.

4. Passionate and Dedicated Teachers

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Teachers interact with your child hence they are a big influence on him or her!

Get to know the childcare centre’s culture and who are the teachers.

Get a feel of whether the teachers are nurturing, enthusiastic, patient and lovely.

Ask questions about the experience of the teachers and see how they interact with the children in your shortlisted childcare centre.

All these observations and questions would be helpful to make a better decision about the kind of childcare centre you want to enroll your precious one in.

Embark on this journey with Genesis Childcare today! Join us for a complimentary guided tour to discover the attentiveness that your child will experience with our caring teachers here at this Tampines childcare and infant care Tampines!

5. Curriculum for Your Child

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The curriculum of the childcare centre is crucial in stimulating the development of your child. The programme that the children are exposed to should help them develop to the best of their abilities.

Childcare centres in Singapore adopt either an academic program or a play-based program.

Research has shown that the play-based technique helps children become more independent as they will have more chances to engage with each other, allows children to use innovative thinking to reason, reflect and solve issues.

Which one do you prefer to enroll your child in?

Wondering what’s the difference between home-school and preschool? Click here to find out more.

6. Snacks and Meals

Source: Our Tampines Childcare’s Instagram

After a time of learning and playing, your child will definitely be hungry!

Food is a crucial factor for your child’s growth and development of mental and motor skills.

To find out what are the meal plans that the childcare centre offers. It is important that the childcare centre offers a balanced and nutritious meal to the children. This helps to improve brain function, memory and concentration.

7. Outdoor or Indoor

Source: Our Childcare Tampines’s Instagram

Do you prefer childcare centres with outdoor facilities or you would like your child to stay indoors most of the time to avoid mosquito and heat issues?

Do your child has eczema? If yes, staying in an air-conditioned environment may be a better arrangement for your child in order to avoid perspiration.

In this covid season, given a child’s developing immunity, it might be better for fresh air to be circulated in the childcare environment hence you might also want to consider one with outdoor or open air spaces.

8. Regular Updates

Does the childcare centre regularly update the parents on their child’s growth and development?

It is important to help the parents ensure their child’s healthy growth and development of cognitive, social and emotional skills.

9. Guided Tours

Is the childcare centre providing guided tours for the parents?

Check out the childcare centre’s Facebook or Instagram to find out more about the childcare centre and the parents’ reviews of the childcare centre.

Visit the childcare centre in person and enquire about the teacher-child ratio, its environment and cleanliness, the teachers, as well as the snacks and meals provided.

I hope all these factors will help you to choose the right childcare centre for your child.

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