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Importance of a Conducive Learning Environment

A learning environment refers to the spaces and context in which a young child grows and learns.

Many factors can affect a child's learning experience. For example, parents, caregivers, and the presence of other children can affect your child's learning and receptiveness. However, a child's learning environment is extremely important to his or her development, especially in his or her early years.

Today, we explore what makes a conducive learning environment as well as the benefits of having a conducive learning environment. What makes a conducive learning environment?

1) It should be welcoming, familiar, and interesting

- Unfamiliar environments will cause the child to feel stressed, which can affect his or her learning.

- Classrooms with homely features can make children feel comfortable and in turn, more receptive to learning.

2) It should be diverse

-The area should have a variety of new and interesting areas and features

-Different parts of an environment should also have different stimulation levels so that the child is exposed to different opportunities of learning.

3) Encourage playtime

-An effective learning environment should encourage learning through play.

4) Evoke the senses

-The environment should contain features that involve all five senses and provoke thinking, open-ended outcomes, and creativity.

-For example, the learning environment should have toys that are of different colours, textures, and scents.

5) It should be social

-Social interaction between children gives them access to different perspectives.

-A conducive learning environment should encourage social interaction among children.

Benefits of a conducive learning environment Having a good early learning environment has lasting effects that carries through to adulthood.

Some of these effects include:

-Being more socially adept.

-Initiating and maintaining successful relationships in life.

-Greater capacity to show empathy to others.

-Greater self-confidence and higher self-esteem due to having a supportive environment in childhood.

-Having healthy attitudes towards learning.

Infant Care Centres

With these long-lasting benefits of a child's early learning environment, it is extremely important that parents try to provide their child with such an environment, not just at home, but in a classroom setting. Therefore, for parents who send their children to infant care centres, it is essential that the centre that you send your child to a conducive learning environment. Here at Nurture Infant House, we take pride in our conducive learning environment. We have a wide range of interesting activities held in a safe and stimulating environment which will help to develop your child’s gross and fine motor skills. Our friendly and thoughtful teachers will also definitely make your child have a stress-free and comfortable experience. On top of that, your child's five senses will be engaged in a specially designed environment that utilizes colours, play tools, textures, and sounds. Read on to find out more about our curriculum here: (


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