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Keys To Establishing A Healthy Parent-Teacher Relationship

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

When it comes to your child’s learning and development, teachers usually shoulder the responsibility as they are at the heart of your child’s educational experience.

While teachers are accountable for students at school, parents are the #1 influence for your child on what they do and say.

You may be surprised to learn that a healthy parent-teacher relationship is crucial for your child’s social competencies, emotional well-being and academic performance.

When parents and teachers collaborate well as partners, your child can do better in school and at home. You can remain on top of your child’s growth and development at school so you can better assist them at home!

Try the following tips for creating a great relationship with your child’s teacher!

Fostering Communication

While our teachers at Nurture Infant House are highly trained professionals, no one knows your child better than you do.

Let our passionate and dedicated teachers know of your child's strengths and challenges, likes and dislikes, and establish clear objectives on what you hope he or she accomplishes at school!

Regular, two-way communication is crucial to remain well-informed about what is happening at school and to let teachers understand your child at a deeper level.

At our infant care Tampines, we encourage parents to share their expertise with us! Scheduled meetings between parents and teachers are held at least twice a year to provide opportunities for both you and the teacher to discuss about your child's progress and development. Hence, be sure to attend the meeting!

One tip for a more effective communication is to gather your thoughts in advance. Before attending the meeting, you can draft what you have to say in a bulleted list of notes. By doing so, it helps you prioritise and keep track of your own thought process.

Creating Consistency

Consistency is key to an effective teacher-parent partnership. It involves the experiences you provide at home to aid your child's learning.

You should establish some kind of routine at home to instil healthy and constructive habits in your child.

Well, you can establish a routine of starting potty training with your toddler. You can also encourage healthy habits for eating and physical activity.

When your child has experiences in a positive and predictable environment, his or her brain becomes wired to follow rules, do what is socially expected, handle frustration, and more.

With that, your child will have more energy to learn and explore.

Promoting Collaboration

The best tip for a child's success is to make sure that parents and teachers are working together as allies.

A collaborative parent-teacher partnership focuses on distinctive, positive ways to assist your child, to unleash their fullest potential.

Instead of accusing a teacher when something goes wrong, parents and teachers can approach the matter as a team to plan and problem-solve issues that may arise.

After all, the end goal is the same for both parent and infant care Singapore: nurturing and scaffolding your child to reach their fullest potential.


These practices will go a long way in helping you work efficiently and effectively with our teachers to ensure that your child has all the right fuel for growing, learning and developing.

Nurture Infant House

At Nurture Infant House, we offer infant care programmes that cater to an age range from 2 to 18 months old. With over 20 collective years in the infant care industry, we are one of Singapore's leading provider for preschool services.

Our teachers at our infant care Singapore east play a vital role in giving parents a tranquility of mind while you are at work knowing that your infant is immersing in our premium services that him or her feel home, away from home.

For the children to receive the best care and education, all teachers in our Tampines childcare are carefully selected based on their professional qualifications and experience. They are also required to attend regular training to stay updated on the best practices in the Early Childhood setting. Click here to read our infant care Singapore review.

For parents looking for childcare at Tampines, Genesis Childcare 1989 has had over 30 years of experience in caring for your little ones. In fact, it is one of the leading Tampines childcare centres with a well-proven record of over 3,000 children graduating from our playgroup. Check out our Instagram story highlights to hear what our parents have to say about us!

Similarly, for parents who are looking for an infant care centre in Tampines or a Tampines preschool, Nurture Infant House is one of the leading Tampines infant care centres with more than a decade of experience in providing high-quality infant care programmes that readies your little ones for success.

If you are looking for a reliable childcare or infant care in Tampines with a conducive learning environment, why not embark on this journey with Genesis Group? Get to discover the attentiveness that your child will experience with our caring teachers here at this Tampines childcare and infant care Tampines!

We also have a complimentary guided tour around our school.

Click here to learn more about our child care centre or click here to WhatsApp us for clarification of enquiries regarding our Tampines child care centre.

Schedule a visit to our centres at these addresses:

Nurture Infant House (Tampines) (2 to 18 months Infants) Blk 433 Tampines Street 43 #01-61 Singapore 520433

Tel: 96664141

Genesis Childcare 1989 (Tampines)

Blk 433 Tampines Street 43 #01-63/65 Singapore 520433

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