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Parenting: Raising An Expressive Child

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

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Raising an expressive child will be beneficial for both your child and yourself. It is important to let your child express themselves in a healthy manner. This may even allow them to learn how to cope with their feelings. Hence if your child has a tendency to throw tantrums often, this may be an article which may interest you. Raising an expressive child may be difficult especially if you yourself are not expressive. Therefore, you have to take the first step out of your comfort zone in order to raise an expressive child.

Encourage Feelings

Feelings are meant to be felt and reciprocated. Hence the next time your child is giving you the opportunity to listen to his or her feelings, please do. Do not set it aside for later or just assume he or she is just throwing another tantrum. They have a need, big needs in fact. These children are living in a huge world where anything may get to the child as the small bodies feel big emotions. If communication is not there, try to gauge what the problem may be with your child’s body language. Prompt some words to see where the problem may lie. Let your child know that their feelings are valid. Here are 10 simple phrases to calm your angry child.

Be Approachable

Be the parent who your child is comfortable to approach when things get tough. As children, parents are the main people they interact with. If you are not approachable, how are they going to express themselves? Penting up emotions since a young age may force them to keep feelings to themselves even at a later age. Use affirmative words and actions to show your child that you are there to listen to their problems. Spend more quality time with your child as well. It helps to bring your family closer. When you are approachable, they will naturally come to you to express their feelings. If you are a first-time parent, you might want to read this article.

Genesis Childcare 1989, our Tampines childcare, is proud to be chosen as the top 3 preschools in Tampines. Hence, if you are looking for a kindergarten Tampines or preschool Tampines, you might want to check out our website. Our teachers are approachable and nurturing.

Talk About Feelings Openly Often

Give your child the words to express their feelings. Teach them about feelings from a young age. Use flashcards or animations like “inside out” where emotions are discussed openly. Show them that feelings are normal and they should phrase their feelings in words. Incorporate games when talking about feelings. Make faces, use developmental toys or even do storytimes.

One of the tips from our teachers at Genesis Childcare, our Taman Jurong childcare, is to read books which are informative and are easily understood by children. Even if the book has nothing to do with emotions, you can incorporate it in before moving on to the next page. Ask questions like, “how do you think this character feels right now?” or “if this character was you instead, how would you feel?”

Some children are shy and are slow to warm up. Looking for tips to get your shy child to open up? Read here for more.

Model Behaviour

Just talking and using words is not enough for children. When overwhelmed, they may forget all of what you had shared with them. Even adults may let loose when emotions take over. Children observe everything and learn easily by imitating behaviour. Now, your task is to be the role model for your child. Be the person who is expressive. Share your feelings openly. The next time you get angry at your child, think twice before raising your voice. Try to phrase your feelings instead. Explain to your child why you are upset, angry or even happy. Tell your child how their actions impacted you and what they can do to help you feel better. If you are struggling with teaching your child the concept of time, click here to learn more about time management.

Teach Coping Mechanisms To Deal With Emotions

All of that and your child still has difficulties being expressive? Sometimes when your child, or even adults are overwhelmed with emotions, we can’t think rationally. More so for children. Now try to calm them down first so that they can think clearly. Maybe give them an assigned spot when they are emotional where they can think through their thoughts first. You can also guide them through breathing exercises and other methods which benefit your child best. All about trial and error, see which method suits your child best! Everyone is unique.

Moving forward, click here to learn about the 4 common types of parenting styles.

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