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Raising Children Who Get Along

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Being the only child for a long time and having zero to no interaction with older children can be threatening to a child when they come into contact with another child. When this happens, children may start to feel immense jealousy and unhappiness and release the stress and anxiety they feel in a rude manner. It is important to raise children who get along. Once they enter society and schooling, they would have to interact with other children their age.

This article will share with you tips and tricks to raise children who get along with others.

Give Them Opportunities To Interact

Bring them to places where they can interact with children. They can be brought to places which provide kids services like arts and crafts or indoor game areas. Or simply bring them to your neighbourhood playgrounds. Play can be one of the biggest ways to team your children's skills to interact with others. When children interact with different children, they learn about different personalities and see how to manage their emotions and see situations from someone else's point of view.

Teach Them About Sharing

Oftentimes, children face conflicts when it comes to sharing with other children. Especially if they had been a single child at home, sharing may not be relevant to them as they do not have competition for the resources. When they start going to pre-schools and as they start growing older, they will have to learn the importance of sharing. Sharing teaches the child about compromisation and being fair. Moreover, giving is a good moral concept to teach children. You can give your child daily opportunities to encourage sharing at home. During playtime, take on the role of a child and play with them at their level. Ask them if they could share with you their toys. Explain to them why they should share. Give them plenty of praises - Children love to be praised. Allow them to have playtimes with other children. Before and after the playtime, discuss with them their behaviour - Praise them when needed and discuss areas that need improvement in a nice manner.

Expose Your Children To Various Cultures

Opt for children's books which teach them about the differences in people. Some children may feel unfamiliar with people who are different from them and end up not wanting to get along with them. Use animations, homemade puppet shows, different foods or even a learning journey crafted by you for a fun family day out and learning about others. One of the biggest skills a child can adopt will eb to understand others. This will help them get along with almost everyone.

Avoid Using Labels When Communicating

Using labels in daily conversations with children. Do not use labels like “all girls like pink or …” or when they hear those sentences from somewhere, correct them and show them that labels have got nothing to do with who they are as a person. Helps greatly when they are in an environment with different people. This will help them avoid falling for biases in the future, and avoiding stereotypes and prejudices.

Involve Them In Sports

Sport is a good outlet to encourage them to mingle with people their age or children a few years younger or older than them. Interaction and constant development of relationships with people beyond those within their own house will help them greatly in learning how to get along with others. Moreover, sports teach the child skills such as teamwork, confidence and communication, which all benefit children’s interpersonal skills.

Having supportive people around the child and having a conducive environment for growth is beneficial in growing children who have the skills to get along with others and effectively adapt themselves to any situation. Look for good institutes which provide such services which align to you and your children’s needs. Children spend most of their time in institutes, second to home. You need to make a wise choice.

Nurture Infant House (Tampines)

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