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6 Things New Parents Need to Know Before the Baby Arrives

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The moment you hold your newborn in your arms, you will go through a range of emotions like joy etc that you might have never experienced earlier.

As time pass, your newborn will continue to steal or melt your heart.

Challenges you face while looking after your newborn might make you feel anxious.

In this article, I am sharing important things new Mama and Dada need to learn before your newborn is born.

Handle your newborn gently and safely.

Wash your hands as often as possible before you touch your newborn as his immune system is not strong at all and during this covid season.

Learn to support your newborn’s head and neck when carrying him or feeding him.

Wake up your newborn the right way.

Do not shake your newborn.

This might cause bleeding in the brain.

Tickle your newborn or blow raspberry gently on your newborn’s cheeks.

Learn your newborn’s body cue and sign language.

Your newborn will not ask you directly for a diaper change, he might communicate to you with his body cue and sign language.

For example,

If your newborn rubs his eyes and yawn at the same time, it means he is tired.

Your newborn cries and makes a fuss when he needs something, you might misinterpret his needs.

As time passed, you will understand what your newborn is trying to say.

Soothe or calm your newborn with music.

Look for feeding cues.

If your newborn cries or signs for food, feed him.

If your newborn refuses after a period, stop feeding him.

Clean your newborn’s gums.

Use wet and soft gauze to clean your newborn’s gums.

Remember that cavities might also appear once the newborn’s teeth start appearing.

Try not to put your newborn to bed after he has already slept.

Put your newborn to sleep while he is still awake.

This makes your newborn get used to a bedtime routine, which gradually teaches your newborn to fall asleep without any help when waking up in the early morning.

I hope all these important things that you learn will help to take care of your newborn when he is born.

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