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Ways to boost your child’s immunity

Updated: 2 days ago

As children and toddlers’ immune systems are not fully developed yet, they are more prone to falling sick. This can indeed be worrying for you as a parent, especially when your little one is returning back to school. Continue to read on to find out how you can boost your child’s immunity and keep the germs away!

Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is much more important than it really seems. It is actually a really great prevention strategy to fight off germs!

Studies and research have shown that a lack of sleep can reduce the body’s production of natural immunity, which are crucial in fighting off illnesses. Without sufficient sleep, young children may not be able to ward off these germs and bacteria, thereby slowing down their recovery process if they were having any illnesses.

Young children require far more sleep than adults. Infants need up to 18 hours of sleep each day, toddlers 12 to 13 hours and preschoolers about 10 hours. That’s why nap times are so crucial for children too!

Besides the number of hours, the quality of sleep also matters. To ensure a restful sleep for your child, try to give him/her regular sleep routines. Regulating their sleep cycle helps them fall asleep more easily and thereby have a good night’s sleep!

Ensuring a healthy diet

“You are what you eat”

Inculcating healthy eating habits from a young age is important as it determines a child’s diet when he/she grows up. A balanced and nutritious meal is what a child needs to improve brain function, memory and concentration.

At our infant care in Tampines, we provide meals that are healthy and savoury. Our in-house chef would prepare fresh meals daily for our children, with a menu that has the nutrients recommended for children their age!

Maintaining basic hygiene

At our childcare, we constantly remind our kids to keep their hands clean. We educate them with the right hand-washing practices and ensure that they wash their hands thoroughly with soap whenever necessary.

Keeping clean amidst this Coronavirus pandemic is more crucial than ever, and we are sure to do whatever we can to keep the viruses and bacteria at bay!

We also require students to wear their masks and face shields in the centre. We believe that this will not only act as a layer of defense, but also prevents the children from touching their faces.

Maintaining the same high levels of hygiene at home can help keep your child safe, so practice such habits with your child too! This will definitely keep them away from the germs and bacteria, thereby boosting their immunity.

We are certainly mindful of ensuring that our children are having a fun time in school, as well as making sure that high levels of hygiene are maintained!

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