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Why French Kids Don't Throw Tantrums — and How You Can Apply

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Source: Unsplash

In this article, I will be sharing reasons why French children do not throw tantrums. And how you apply some of these practices in your life to parent and raise your child.

1. Do not have “kid’s food”.

The child gets what the adults have.

There are only a few food items that the child don’t have access to, such as foods that are difficult to eat like crab and oyster or ones that are too pungent or spicy.

This prepares the child, from a very early age, to learn the necessary dining etiquettes.

Take only as much as the child can eat and avoid wasting any food.

Ensure the entire family comes together for at least one meal.

2. Put the child to sleep in own bed or room.

If the child wakes up at night and begin to cry, the mother usually wait until the crying subsides.

The child realize that he will have to self-soothe and go back to sleep.

The child is not encouraged to sleep in the same beds or rooms as his


If the child do sleep in the same room, he most likely have his own crib or beds.

3. Have good manners.

Encourage the child to greet people around him.

For example, neighbours, guests and family members.

Encourage the child to queue in line patiently without throwing tantrums.

Teach the child to give up his seat if he sees an older person standing.

Teach the child some key words such as “thank you”, “please”, “good day”, and “you are welcome” when he starts to learn first word.

4. Encourage the child to be independent.

According to the law, the new working mother can enjoy ten weeks of leave with secure financial support and will have to return to work within ten weeks of giving birth to the child.

The mother may choose to extend time with her child away from work but this will be a leave of absence without pay.

Most of the mothers send the child to infant care etc and then start work.

Since the child is exposed to new people and peers at such a young age, he might tend to be more independent.

5. Do not control everything the child do.

This can do more harm than good.

Give the child as much freedom as he can handle which cannot misuse.

For example, when you see your child get into conflicts with other child, do not intervene until necessary. Let your child handle the situation by himself.

Let the child know when he misbehaves, he will have to face consequences.

6. Make play as a first priority.

The child starts to read until after five years old.

This is because the parents believe that the child should make the best out of his childhood like play.

7. Spend quality family time together on every Sunday.

The child cannot make plans on Sundays with his friends and the adults cannot give work as an excuse.

Prepare certain activities in advance so that the family can enjoy together.

8. Receive pocket money.

The child is expected to use the pocket money that is given to buy what he wants.

If what the child wants costs more, the child will simply have to save up and wait until the next visit to the supermarket.

This teaches the child the value of money and stops the child throwing tantrums at the supermarket.

Parenting and raising a child are different in different cultures.

French parents give their children the right to exercise their uniqueness and individuality.

I hope you are able to apply some pointers into your life to parent and raise your child.

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