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Top 9 Tips on How to Bathe Your Newborn: A Parent's Guide

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Bathing a newborn can be a challenging task for many new mama and dada.

Newborns only need to have a bath two to three times a week.

Newborns do not normally sweat much or get very dirty as long as adequate cleansing is done during diaper changes and feeding times.

Increase to one or twice baths a day when your baby is four months old onwards, starts crawling and eating solid foods.

In this article, I will be sharing tips on bathing your newborn, having fun bonding time with him and giving you a break after he sleeps.

Tips to bath your newborn!

1. Keep a consistent schedule.

This helps your newborn to regulate his sleep-wake cycle.

Keep same timing for a bath each day 7 pm, five to ten minutes especially if your newborn has dry or sensitive skin.

This helps your newborn know what is coming next.

Avoid bathing your newborn when he is hungry or just after a feed.

2. Choose the essential and soothing products for your newborn.

This helps to wind your newborn down for bed during bath.

For example,

Johnson’s Baby Cotton Touch

Light and gentle lotion leaves your newborn’s skin clean and left with a gentle scent.

Free from harmful chemicals, heavy fragrances and additives.

Easy to wash.

3. Prepare for the bath in advance.

Do not bring a mobile phone along.

Do not wear a watch or any jewelry.

This helps to increase skin and skin contact with your newborn.

Make sure a towel, washcloth, moisturizer, clean clothes and a clean diaper are beside your tub or sink where you bathe your newborn.

Fill the small tub or sink with warm water such as 37 or 38 degrees.

If the water is too hot, it can dry irritated skin or scald the skin.

If the water is too cold, it can startle your newborn, create anxiety and fear.

Use a thermometer, your wrist or your elbow to test the temperature.

4. Bathe your newborn.

Undress your newborn, leaving just the diaper on.

Wrap your newborn around with a towel and do not cover his head.

Clean your newborn's face, ears, and neck with the washcloth rinsed in warm water.

Wash your newborn's hair with mild baby shampoo.

Use a washcloth with warm water to clean your newborn's hair or swirl the water with your fingers onto his hair.

Put your newborn in the sink or tub where you can comfortably hold him.

Decide how long to keep your newborn in a bath.

Remove your newborn's diaper. If there is poo, clean that area properly before putting him in the bath.

Put your newborn's feet first in the bath.

Use one of your hands to support your newborn's head and neck.

Keep the water at the shoulder level so as to ensure your newborn does not feel cold.

Do not leave your newborn alone in the bath.

Wash the rest of your newborn's body with shower foam.

Use a washcloth with warm water to clean your newborn's body or swirl the water with your fingers onto your newborn’s body.

Put your newborn on a dry towel.

5. Dry your newborn carefully.

Cover your newborn in a towel and dry him.

This ensures your newborn does not feel cold.

Put your newborn’s diaper on.

Apply moisturizer to your newborn.

For example,

Johnson’s Baby Cotton Touch paired well with the shower foam from the Cotton Touch range. You might consider buying and using together.

Dress your newborn in clean clothes you have already picked out.

6. Massage your newborn.

This helps to bond with your newborn and he sleeps better.

7. Clean your baby’s ear when need to.

Support your baby’s neck by holding him tightly to clean the ears.

Do not put anything inside his earbud, not even an earbud, as it might hurt his eardrum.

Clean the accumulated earwax on the outside of the ear.

Do not put water inside as it can cause ear infections.

8. Clean your baby’s nose when need to.

It is good for hygiene as well as it can ease your baby’s breathing.

Use a nasal saline solution.

Try to sneeze and your baby copy you to sneeze too.

9. Trim your baby’s nails when need to.

Your baby’s nails grow fast.

You might need to check and trim his nails regularly.

Use a small nail trimmer that is specially designed for babies.

Do not trim near his skin.

Be slow and gentle.

I hope all these tips will help you to have a fun bonding bath and cleaning time with your newborn, put your newborn to bed more easily and give you a break after your newborn sleep.

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