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What Your Infant’s Infant Care Teachers Wish You Knew

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

As parents, we always focus on finding out as many things as possible about infant care centres.

We think we know what we need to know.

However, rarely do we stop to think about what our infant’s very own infant care teacher would want us to know!

Therefore, in this tell-all article, we have come up with this list of things that your infant’s infant care teacher wishes you knew.

Hopefully, we will be able to share some insights for you to learn more about your child. Better still, we hope that this article could shed some light on things that you were too shy to or did not dare to bring up to your child’s infant care teacher!

Don’t be too Kiasu: Children develop at different rates!

Comparison is often the root of all conflicts. However, it is only natural that parents compare their infants to those that are in the same class at school. Sometimes, you may find a “genius” infant who seems to be a cut above the rest. Perhaps the “genius” infant has said his or her first word, took his or her first step, or perhaps he or she does not make a fuss when eating vegetables. Whichever it is, it may seem that your infant is lagging behind if he or she is not able to develop as quickly.

However, your infant’s teacher would want you to know that children reach developmental milestones at different times. Patience is the key to this. When your infant is ready, he or she will begin picking up the pace of learning and developing. Furthermore, a two-month difference in age can translate to loads of developmental milestone differences when it comes to infants.

So, do not be too worried about your infant lagging behind. You can of course spend some time at home practicing with your infant. Perhaps you could read to them or play with them. This could also serve to help you and your infant bond and learn together. But remember, don’t fret too much and be too kiasu about this!

Communication between parents and teachers is essential

Simply put, it is always beneficial for our children when parents and teachers work closely together hand in hand. With close and effective communication, both parents and teachers can spot any potential issues and problems before it becomes serious. If there is a problem, parents and teachers who communicate closely with each other can work together to solve the problem together.

Here at Nurture Infant House, we provide regular updates about your child's well-being as well as affirmations on your child's development.

In addition, all children at Nurture Infant House will even receive a personal communication book! With thoughtful teachers and good rapport between teachers and parents, we strongly encourage close communication between parents and our teachers.

Trust your infant’s teachers

If you have never entrusted your child to someone else’s care, it is natural that you feel anxious when placing your child at an infant care. Even more so for your child, it is normal for them to feel anxious and unsettled in the first few days of being in a new environment. They may cry and struggle as you begin to leave the infant care centre.

Some parents hesitate to leave when their child reacts negatively. However, it is important that you trust and believe in your infant’s teachers. Just as you need some time to adjust to a new workplace, give your child some time to adapt to the new infant care environment. Keep in mind that your child’s teachers are trained and qualified caregivers. At Nurture Infant House, our teachers are respectful, warm, and very responsive to children! So, you can rest assured that your infant is in great hands.

Different infants have different personalities

Oftentimes, we hear of parents being worried that their child is shy and reserved. In class, they are quiet and less sociable as compared to some of their classmates. However, you should keep in mind that just like adults, some infants will be more sociable and outgoing while others would be shyer and more reserved.

There is nothing wrong with your child.

Teachers will be able to provide constant encouragement to children to build their self-esteem and confidence so that they will be more willing to open up to others. Be patient!

The Bottom-line

Infant care teachers often have many things about infants that they wish they could tell parents! However, parents may sometimes be too shy to ask! In this tell-all article, we hope you were able to take away some tips and tricks that you could apply to your experience in parenting.

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