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When and why your baby starts to put everything in his mouth?

In this article, I will be sharing when and why your baby starts to put everything in his mouth and how to keep your baby safe.

When do your baby starts mouthing?

At 4 months

Your baby is able to bring his hands to his mouth and suck on their fingers.

At 6 months

Your baby starts to put anything he can grab to his mouth.

Why do your baby put everything in his mouth?


This helps to comfort your baby when he is tired, uncomfortable or hungry.

Explore new environments around your baby.

Start to swat, grasp and reach out for things nearby him.

When your baby can hold onto an object, he is guaranteed to put it in her mouth.


Start to put everything in his mouth and chomp on it to ease the teething pains.

How to keep your baby safe from putting everything on his mouth?

Remove choking hazards.

For example, small items such as marbles, coins, dices, balloons, plastic bags, buttons.

Keep anything poisonous out of reach and sight.

Your baby don’t know what is safe and not safe.

For example, medicine, nail polish, cleaning products, bug spray, markers, soaps and detergents.

Put away power cords, baby blankets, stuffed toys, bibs, pacifier which pose a risk if used unsupervised.

Look out for expired or pet food.

It is not safe because those bacteria could make your baby sick.

Encourage your baby’s mouthing habit by giving him access to safe objects.

For example, teething toys.

Sweep and vacuum the areas where your baby plays regularly.

This keeps your baby from mouthing on items that have been left behind.

I hope all these pointers will help you to keep your baby safe from putting things on his mouth.

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