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7 Tips on How to Get Things Done With a Clingy Baby

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In this article, I will be sharing tips with you to get things done with a needy child around.


1. Include your child in your tasks.

Most of the time your child has nothing to do, hence you need to come out with things for your child to do.

This not only spend time with your child but also helps to teach your child life skills he will eventually need to learn for himself.

You can reserve your evenings as time for yourself.

What are a few things your child can help with?

Spray surfaces while you wipe.

Sweep the floor.

Put toys and items where they belong.

Want to raise an independent child?” Here are some suggestions which you can try out.

2. Create a basket of “toys or items”.

Give your child one item at a time.

This helps to keep him occupied on his own with toys or items that don’t need your attention.

For example, washable crayons, stickers.

Click here to explore the plays or activities which let your child learn and keep him occupied.

3. Include “short quiet time” into your days.

Let your child stay in his room and can choose to rest in his bed, read books, play with toys.

This not only gives you uninterrupted time but also provides him a chance to rest and recover from the day’s activities.

For example, one hour quiet time.

4. Encourage your child to spend time with dada.

For example, playing with dada or dada is giving him a bath while you prepare for dinner and wash up.

Your child may feel uncomfortable at first, but over time, he will learn to love these moments with dada.

Visit here for more details on “Bonding and Connecting with your child”.

5. Encourage your child to spend time with big brother or sister.

For example, playing with big brother or sister while you prepare for dinner and wash up.

Your child may feel uncomfortable at first, but over time, he will learn to love these bonding moments with big brother or sister.

Click here to find out how to help your child bond and connect with big brother or sister.

6. Be where you need to be.

When you are with your child, focus on spending time with him.

This not only helps your child to feel better equipped to play on his own but also allows you more uninterrupted time to focus on works or chores.

When you are doing the works or chores, focus on the work or chores.

7. Regain space and time to do the works or chores you need.

If you have a child who spends a lot of time attached to your hip, it is hard for you to do the works or chores.

When you are cooking and it is very hot, you can’t have your child near cooking. You ask the child to leave the kitchen and play in the living room. The child keeps crying and tantrums.

Leave the child and continue to do your works.

The child is down for one moment, he is not going to feel you don’t love him anymore. The child will give up after a while. From then, you will have more space and time to do the works or chores which you need.

Getting things done with your needy child around takes time to master, but not impossible. I hope all these tips will help you to get things done with a needy child around.

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