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Your Baby is a Trouble-Maker? Here's How to Support Them

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

In this article, I will be sharing pointers on what should you know, how to support your baby's development and things your mess or trouble maker baby might do.

It is easy to get frustrated when your baby is throwing things on the floor, turning the TV on and off, or getting into things you don’t want him to.

It can feel like your baby is intentionally making you angry or revenge, but this kind of behaviour is actually a normal part of your baby’s development.

What should you know?

Your baby is simply not capable of anger or revenge and he doesn’t have enough impulse control to resist doing something he is told not to do.

Your baby is trying to make sense of his world by exploring and experimenting.

Your baby wants to see what happens when he does certain things like cause and effect.

For example,

Your baby mushes her food to see how it feels. She drops something from the high chair to see how it splats.”

So instead of getting frustrated that your baby seems to be acting naughty or mess, know that his behaviour is actually a sign of cognitive development.

When your baby makes things happen and watches for results or repeats the action like pushing buttons to turn a TV or radio on and off, he is learning.

How to support your baby’s positive development through exploration?

Provide safe opportunities for uninterrupted play and discovery time.

Childproof your home to keep hazards out of reach.

Provide safe places where your baby can test things out.

Place books, puzzles and rotated toys on low shelves so that your baby can get them.

Provide toys that offer possibilities for learning about size, shape and colour, while using containers, stacking toys.

Be positive and encouraging when your baby learns a new action or skill to affect things.

Explain the cause-and-effect of your baby’s actions.

Your baby’s explorations are great opportunities to have back-and-forth conversations with him.

Observe and comment appropriately when your baby looks to you for approval or disapproval before picking up something or doing something.

Explain to your baby what will happen if he pulls on a cord and encourages him to play with his toys instead.

The more you do this, the better your baby will catch on to what is safer for him.

Be careful with the word “No”.

Your baby begins to understand what “No” means between 6 and 18 months and may even begin to tell himself “No.”

While you might be quick to shout “No” if your baby is opening drawers, constantly telling him “No” can make him think that everything is off-limits.

A better option is trying to distract and redirect your baby.

I hope all these pointers will help you to know, support your baby's development and handle your baby when he makes a mess or trouble.

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