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12 Signs that Your Child Loves You: A Parent's Guide

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

How do you know your baby loves you back? In this article, we'll be sharing a few ways your child is letting you know you're their favourite person.

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1. Have affection for you.

The scent of mama’s milk triggers your baby’s affection for you, he moves towards you.

At the same time, you start recognizing his needs through non-verbal signals.

Your loving touch and cooing help to bond with him.

2. Respond to your plays or facial expressions.

For example, peekaboo and making facial expressions such as smiles etc.

This helps foster the mother and child relationship as it has a positive influence on your baby.

Your baby knows you love him too.

3. Smooch or suck on you.

You might feel cute and melt your heart.

4. Stare at you.

Your baby studies your face and casts your impression on his mind.

You might feel cute and funny.

Do not turn away or get back to doing your own thing.

5. Latch onto stuffed toys or pillows.

Your baby is seeking the warmth that he feels when you cuddle or hold him.

6. Smile at you.

7. Hold up his arms asking you to carry him.

Even when your baby has begun to crawl, the eagerness to start walking is accompanied by his urge to be picked up by you the moment he sees you.

8. Get your attention.

Your baby will get cranky, he will cry, shout or do anything just to get your attention.

9. Play run and catch with you.

Your baby might crawl forward and then turn back to see if you are coming after him or to make sure you are still around for him.

10. Hate to see you leave him.

Your baby constantly needs you to watch over him.

When you step out of the place, he will freak out, will keep crying until you show up again.

Wondering how to help your baby overcome separation anxiety? Here are some tips you can try out!

11. Love and care for his playmates.

Your baby got the love and care from the atmosphere you have created for him at home.

12. Love to copy you.

Your baby babble what you just said or copy your actions.

For example, hold mobile and pretend to talk to someone.

I hope you manage to identify the signs which your baby loves you so much.

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