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15 Baby Sign Language that You Should Teach Your Infant

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

In this article, I will be sharing a list of sign language with the parent to teach the baby.

Sign language lets the baby communicate his needs to the parent. This helps to reduce tantrums.

1. Hungry

Cup your hand around your neck to make a C shape.

Move your hand down from your neck to your stomach.

2. More

For example, more food or drink.

Squeeze together the tips of your fingers on each hand to form two points.

Touch the tips of each point together, then separate.

3. All Done

Start with your hands up, palms facing toward you.

Turn them until your palms face out.

4. Milk

Make two fists.

Extend your fingers and bring them back into fists.

5. Water

Point three middle fingers up, with your thumb and pinkie tucked down.

Tapping your index finger to your chin.

6. Eat / Food

Milk, cookies, crackers can be very motivating for a baby or toddler to learn if it means he gets that food item when signing it!

Flatten your fingers on top of your thumb and then bring your fingertips to your mouth.

7. Please

Extend your fingers and thumb out.

Rub your flattened palm against your chest in circles.

8. Bath

Make two fists.

Move them up and down in front of your chest.

9. Sleep

Hold your hand over your forehead with your fingers spread apart.

Draw your hand down over your face until your fingers and thumb come together to touch your chin.

10. Thank You

Straighten your thumb and fingers.

Bring your fingers to your chin and pull them away.

11. Dada

Spread your fingers apart, then with your pinkie facing forward.

Tap your thumb to your forehead.

12. Mama

Spread your fingers apart, then with your pinkie facing forward.

Tap your thumb to your chin.

13. Drink

Make a C shape with your hand, as if you were holding a cup.

Move it to your mouth as if you were drinking from it.

14. Sorry

Rub a fisted hand in a circle over your chest.

15. Change

For example, diaper change.

Make both your index fingers into a hook while the rest of your hands are made into fists.

Touch your hands at the wrists, then reverse your hands.

I hope sign language will help the parent to understand the baby’s needs better.

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