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5 Effective Strategies for Parenting a Strong-willed Child

Parenting a strong-willed child is challenging. In this article, I will be sharing 5 key powerful strategies with you to parent your strong-willed child.

How do you know you have a strong-willed child?

Your child tends to

- be prone to power struggles.

- frequently test or question authority figures (parents, babysitters, teachers, extended family) to see determine what the boundaries or rules are.

- protest readily when expectations seem unfair.

- overreacts when

serving big carrots you cut for your child instead of mini carrots.

suggesting your child to wear a funny t shirt.

changing plans for your child such as locations etc.

5 key powerful strategies to parent your strong-willed child

Frame your child’s behaviour.

By understanding your strong-willed child, you have context for his behaviour and is better equipped to coach him.

Work with your child’s personality by establishing the rules and family goals together.

Prompt your child to talk about what rules he thinks is reasonable as well as how he should be reminded when mistakes are made.

Guide the discussion while collaborating to accomplish peace and cooperation in your household.

Look for every chance to give your child a heads-up before disappointment strikes, plans change.

This will make it so much easier for your child to be resilient when he feels challenged.

For example:

As you park the car, tell your child he has to hold your hand when crossing the parking lot instead of telling him he has to as he tries to run away from you.

Explaining that we don’t grab toys from other children’s hands when a friend comes over to play instead of after he grabs a toy.

Let your child know what rules are non-negotiable.

This minimizes power struggles and also facilitates confidence in a child.

For example,

When your child hits you playfully, takes his hand and shows him how to touch gently.

If your child wants to throw a ball inside home, brings him outside.

When appropriate and with your child’s permission, explain his temperament to others.

This prevents others may mistakenly think your child is intentionally being strong-willed.

By giving context to who your child is, the adults in your child’s life will be better equipped to take care of and guide him.

I hope all these strategies will help you in parenting your strong-willed child.

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