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7 Strategies to Bond with Your Baby During Pregnancy

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Pregnancy is the best time to begin bonding with your baby and establishing the connection of a lifetime.

When your baby is in the womb, he undergoes several developmental changes and each stage presents a new opportunity for you to bond with him.

In this article, I will be sharing how to bond with your baby during pregnancy.

How to bond with your baby during pregnancy?


Talk and sing to your baby.

Your baby can start to listen to sounds and will actively hear your heart beating and all the sounds your bowels make as different bodily functions occur.

When your baby is 18 weeks old, he can only hear sounds of events that take place within your body.

Eight weeks later, your baby can slowly start identifying sounds from outside your body as well.

Have normal conversations with your baby and let him get to learn your voice.

You can also sing to your baby and try putting him to sleep when he is extra active in there.

If singing to your baby puts him to sleep before birth, this will likely work after birth as well.

Introduce your baby to different sounds.

Your baby might have a good memory of the different sounds that he listens to and can distinguish them from other sounds after birth.

For example,

Your baby who is used to listening to alarm clocks is not as startled as others who are introduced to the sound only after birth.

Your baby remembers certain kinds of music that are played to him when he is in the womb.

Play a lullaby to your baby.

The helps to get your baby to sleep both in and out of the womb.

Touch your baby.

Your baby knows very well when you are up and about because he tends to get rocked inside as your body moves around.

This puts your baby to sleep faster.

Your baby tends to start feeling things around the beginning of the second trimester and respond to sensations of pain earlier than that of others.

When you are happy, your baby can feel and sense it.

Rubbing your hand over your belly slowly can help calm your baby down as well.

Respond to your baby's kicks.

2nd-trimester pregnancy

When your baby kicks around, respond to him gently.

Rub your belly around the area where your baby just kicked and see if he kicks again.

Teach your baby your language.

Your baby tends to have an ability to grasp the languages that he has heard before he was born much quicker than others that they are introduced to later.

Start to introduce new solid food to your baby.

Your baby can taste what you eat around 21st week.

Every pregnancy is unique and every baby is different as well.

You will need to figure out bonding methods that suit you through trial and error.

I hope all these suggestions will help you to bond with your baby during pregnancy.

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