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Your Child is Calling Out and Getting Out of Bed?!

Updated: Sep 22

In this article, I will be sharing on suggestions to set up a consistent bedtime routine and deal with calling out and getting up of bed. The toddler might begin to develop separation anxiety, so the toddler might want to keep the parent around at bedtime.


Set up a consistent bedtime routine

A consistent bedtime routine helps prepare toddlers for sleep each night.

- Brush teeth, change diapers and pajamas.

- Quiet Time (read or tell a story).

- Do not play with the toddler or let the toddler have screen time.

- Give the toddler milk or water if the toddler needs it.

- Put the toddler in bed.

If the toddler still takes a pacifier to bed, encourage the toddler to let go of the pacifier.

If not, teach the toddler how to put back the pacifier when waking up in the middle of the night and get back to sleep without the parents’ help.

- Remind the toddler to stay quietly in bed and sleep. Explain that the parent won’t be answering if the toddler calls out.

- Say goodnight and see you in the morning to the toddler.

Switch off the light and leave the room. If the toddler is scared of the dark, get a nightlight to put in the room.

Deal with Calling Out

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If the toddler is still calling out after the parent has started the new bedtime routine, choose one of the following suggestions and stick with it.


- Do not respond to all further requests for attention.

This might be hard for the parent because the toddler might come up with all reasons the parent should come in such as an extra drink of water, extra bedtime story, extra kiss.

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Deal with Getting Up

Source: The Postpartum Party

If the toddler is still getting up out of bed after the parent has started the new bedtime routine, choose one of the following suggestions and stick with it.


Tips to keep the toddler from getting up out of the bed

- Remove Toys and Pillows.

This prevents the toddler to stack up the toys and pillows and get out of the bed.

- Remove any furniture such as changing table, chair or cupboards around the bed.

This prevents the toddler to climb onto the furniture and get out of the bed.

- Keep siblings in different rooms if you have the spaces in the home.

This prevents the sibling helps the toddler to get up out of the bed.

- Buy special pajamas.

The Naughty Monkey is a shop on Etsy that sells pajamas that have been altered to have a wide piece of fabric in between the two legs so that the toddler can’t widen legs enough to get over the crib.

Source: The Naughty Monkey

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Return the toddler to bed

- Tell the toddler “Do not come out again. Please stay in your bed”.

- Return the toddler immediately, gently and calmly to bed. Don’t talk, make eye contact or reprimand the toddler till the toddler stays in bed.

- It might take many returns before the toddler stays in bed. Be patient, do not get angry or upset.

Restrict the toddler to the bedroom

- Tell the toddler “Do not come out again. Please stay in your bed”. Return the toddler immediately to bed without further talk.

- Put up a child gate. The toddler will still be able to get out of bed but won’t be able to get out of the bedroom.

- If the toddler comes out of bed again, tell the toddler, “You haven’t stayed in bed, so now I will close the gate. I will open it again when the toddler is staying in bed”. Return the toddler to bed and shut the gate.

- Do not respond to any further calling out.

- Close the gate until the toddler is back in bed and stays there.

- Install a nightlight if the toddler is afraid of the dark.

If the toddler gets upset about being put back in the bed or room that he vomits,

- goes in and quietly comforts the toddler.

- cleans up the toddler with minimal attention and fuss.

- puts the toddler back in bed, says goodnight and walks out again.

- keeps a spare set of sheets and pajamas ready to change if need.

Start each day in a positive way.

- Praise and Reward the toddler the next day for going to sleep without calling out or getting up the night before. For example, surprise the toddler with favourite food or drink.

- Do not give in to the toddler after the toddler keeps getting up.

- Ignore the calling out or getting up the night before.

- Seek professional help if have tried out all ways.

I hope all these suggestions will help you in setting up a consistent bedtime routine, dealing with calling out and getting up out of bed.

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