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How does giving your child choices gets him to listen? – A Guide For Parents

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In this article, I will be sharing how giving your child choices gets him to listen to you.


Your child gets to decide what to do instead of only being told what to do.

Having a choice gives your child a chance to voice out and knows his input does matter.

Your child is more likely to follow through with choices he makes.


Offer two simple and acceptable choices only and when needed.

Make it easier for your child to weigh each one and decide.

You are ok either way your child decides.

Keep the choices simple.

Determine the non-negotiable.

For example,

It is time to eat dinner. (non-negotiable)

Do you want to sit in your high chair or in your booster seat? (choices)

Do not offer choices in the middle of a tantrum or meltdown.

Calm your child down.

Once your child is calm, only then can you talk about his behaviour and offer choices.

6 Real Life Examples

Put on clothes.

Put 2 sets of clothes on your child’s bed and let him choose.

Choose 2 items to put into bag and bring along with him.

Toys, books or other accessories like crayons.

Put dishes away after dinner.

Do you want to put yours into the sink or I help you to put?

Eat fruits after dinner.

Would you like to have an apple or a banana?

Prefer one parent.

I am washing dishes right now. You can either have Dada feed you milk or you wait until after I finished washing.

Which one of these 2 books you like to read?

Tips to help your child to make good choices

Do not criticize your child’s attempts.

This will make your child less likely to take initiative next time.

Praise your child’s effort and initiative.

Suggest or correct your child in a loving way if needed.

Do not get angry at your child’s mistakes.

I hope all these pointers will help you understand how giving your child choices gets him listen to you.

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