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How to Strengthen Family Bonds?

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

With the advent of technology, we are often engaged with our mobile devices everywhere we go.

Unknowingly, some of us might have become more distant with our family members as we are always texting our friends or playing mobile games. We might not even take the time to ask our family members whether they have eaten or how their day went.

Having quality time together is very important and often overlooked nowadays.

Hence, here are some ways that will allow you to bring your family closer.

Host Family Outings

A family outing would be the perfect getaway for you to relax after a long week with your family.

With countless activities that you can do with your family, say no more to the imaginary barrier between you and your family members!

An ideal amount of times of outings would be at least once a week, at a time where everyone is free. Check out this article for the 4 best parks to visit in Tampines!

Doing activities together during outings such as playing a game of beach ball, will be able to forge closer bonds between family members. This also helps with the development of children, where they grow in an environment of a loving family.

Celebrate Special Occasions Together

To each of the family members, we might have special occasions worth celebrating such as birthday celebrations or huge achievements.

At these special occasions, family members play a huge role in celebrating these occasions together, highlighting support and love for each other.

A form of reward can also be given by parents to their children, where it motivates them to continue to achieve outstanding achievements during their future endeavours.

Gather and Eat Food Together

How many times have you eaten with your family this week? Often, we might get caught up with our lives that we might not have time to eat with our family. However, we should try to take time out to eat with our loved ones.

Eating food together at a dining table will allow a family to interact with each other through conversations, boosting the family relationship.

Try to set a rule to reduce the usage of phones while eating, increasing human to human interaction. Remember, when you eat food with your family, it will always taste better!


A family can consider volunteering too.

Not only it will allow us to give, but also make us feel a sense of achievement by making someone’s life better. For instance, a family volunteering to help out at an old folks home will be able to gain valuable experiences.

They can bring these values and experiences learnt from volunteering into their daily lives, where they can positively impact others.

Through volunteering, a family will be able to spend more time together and understand more about one another, strengthening family bonds.

Communicate More

Communicating effectively with each other in a family is important, but might be neglected. For detailed communication tips, click here.

By communicating effectively, we are able to convey information to our family and update them about our current situation and happenings in life. As a child, updating to their parents about their lives frequently will prevent the parents from worrying about them.

Great communication also prevents potential arguments and misunderstandings in a family, allowing a family to stay bonded.

Create Memories

Create memorable memories, where it will not be forgotten in the future.

Photo albums are able to keep these memories, showing snapshots of meaningful events and activities done by a family. Furthermore, adding a personal note on these pictures will make them more meaningful.

For example, the location and date where the photo is taken and something interesting that happened can be written down. In the future, these photos will be deeply cherished by the younger generation as it reflects quality family bonding time during their childhood. They will always know that their family will always be there for them.


Everyone will make mistakes. We should always learn to try and forgive if a family member made a mistake.

Encourage the family member to do the right thing and turn over a new leaf, which is better than reprimanding him/her. This strengthens family bonds as it shows that there is still trust and another chance is given for the family member.

For instance, parents should try to forgive and instil the right mindset and behaviour in their children if their children were caught stealing. This will allow them to make the right choices next time in the future, growing up with the right values in place.

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