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Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby — Pros and Cons

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

There are two popular methods to feed the baby such as baby-led weaning and spoon-feeding.

How to feed and wean the baby is the parent’s deeply personal decision.

In this article, I will be sharing the Pros and Cons of each method.

Regardless of which method the parent takes, aim to have the baby self-feeding finger foods by 9 months old.

Baby-Led Weaning

This lets the baby self-feed with his fingers from the first bite.


Learn to eat independently.

Improve motor and oral skills.

Decide how much to eat and learn to stop when full.

Eat what the parents eat and enjoy meals together.

Eat a variety of textures and flavors. This prevents the baby from picky eating.


Cause messy when the baby feeds himself.

Waste Food.

For example, half-chewed broccoli drops on the floor are not likely to be eaten.


The traditional method is to feed the baby pureed or mash with a spoon where the parent is in total control.

The baby who is spoon-fed should be given the opportunity to eat on his own with his fingers by 9 months old.


1. Preload the spoon and hand over the spoon to the baby.

If the baby doesn’t want the spoon, don’t force it.

2. Offer a new spoon to the baby to let go of the first spoon.

3. Offer the spoon closer to the highchair table until it is on the table.

4. Stand behind the baby to load the spoon if the baby was used to spoon-feeding.


Less messy when the parent feeds the baby.

Save time when serving pre-made purees.

Waste lesser food when less food ends up on the ground.


Depending on the parent to eat, which the parent will need to transition away from around 9 months old.

Cannot decide how much to eat and learns to stop when full.

Over-feed the baby with purées which can lead to an undesirable decrease in breast or bottle feeds.

Has less exposure to a variety of textures which can lead to preferences for smooth food or picky eating.

Cannot eat what the parents eat and enjoy meals together.

Cannot choose foods to touch and explore or play.

I hope all the pointers will help you to know the pros and cons of each method and decide which method you would like to use.

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