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Connect with Your Kid Using These 5 Love Languages

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

In this article, I will be sharing the Five Love Languages like Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service and Gifts.

A child with a full love tank tends to be more well-adjusted, happy and resilient while a child with an empty love tank can be insecure, angry, inaccessible and immature. A child’s emotional love tank must be filled before discipline or learning can occur.

Physical Touch

Physical Touch is a child’s basic need that has an impact on the emotional security of the child. Physical touch shouts, “I love you!” and the lack of it can shout, “I don’t love you!”

Show It In A Playroom

Show It Outside Of School
  • Stroke the child's head

  • Hold the child on your lap

  • Hug and kiss the child

  • Tickle the child

  • Play physical games with the child together

  • Comb the child’s hair

  • Hug the child after applying discipline

  • Hold the child when the child is sick

  • Bath the child

  • Help the child wear clothes

  • Massage the child

Clues To Identifying When Physical Touch Is Needed

  • Ask for hugs

  • Like to cuddle

  • Like physical games or contact sports

  • Love back rubs

  • Like to hold hands

Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation are a powerful way to communicate love to the child which nurtures the child’s inner sense of worth and security.

Show It In The Playroom

  • Tell the child reasons you are proud of the child

  • Write cards and notes to the child

  • Affirm the child’s actions

Show It Outside Of School

  • Write love notes to the child and put them in an encouragement jar

  • Write lunchbox notes for the child

  • Record feelings of love for the child to listen to when absent

  • Call the child each day when on a trip

  • Say “ I love you” to the child each day and every time you leave or end a call

  • Praise the child of actions done

Clues To Identifying When Words Of Affirmation Is Needed

  • Smile when being affirmed or praised

  • Share feelings

  • Seek verbal approval

  • Write notes or give cards to others

  • Overreact to criticism or harsh words.

Quality Time

Quality Time is to make time for the child and focus on the child.

It says, “You are important, I like being with you.” It lets the child feel loved and remembered.

Show It In The Playroom
  • Listen to the child

  • Laugh with the child

  • Sing songs together with the child

  • Share thoughts and feelings with the child and vice versa

  • Wait for the child

  • Follow the child’s lead

  • Do art with the child

  • Read the child a story

  • Play with the child

Show It Outside Of School

  • Plan a date with the child. For example, movies, concerts or a new activity

  • Camp with the child

  • Have family activities together

  • Have time for the child to talk and ask questions

  • Do chores with the child

  • Cook with the child

  • Let the child choose an activity

  • Look at the child’s baby photos or videos with him

  • Volunteer together or do something to help others in need

  • Workout with the child

Clues To Identifying Quality Time

  • Ask to spend time

  • Talk about fun times or events

  • Share ideas/feelings

Acts of Service

Acts of Service is to do a service for the child’s needs.

Show It In The Playroom

  • Say thank you to the child

  • Repair a toy that the child likes

  • Give stickers to the child which the child likes

  • Remember what the child wants to do next time

Show It Outside Of School

  • Help the child to tie shoes

  • Feed the child daily

  • Show the child put a coin to the donation can

  • Cook a surprise meal with what the child likes

  • Clean the child’s room

  • Fold the child’s laundry

  • Help the child pursue his interests

Clues To Identifying Acts Of Service

  • Request you to fix something important

  • Seek your help with projects or homework

  • Feel happy when you surprise or treat them


Gifts are to give the child what the child needs, size and cost don’t matter to the child.

Show It In The Playroom

  • Make a card with a photo for the child

  • Ask the child to write down what the child likes to have during birthday etc

Show It Outside Of School

  • Treat the child with what the child likes

  • Choose the gift which the child likes

  • Give the child gifts before going away for a trip

  • Write a love letter or note to the child

  • Create a scrapbook or photo album of memories with the child

Clues To Identifying Gifts

  • Touched by gifts with appreciation

  • Keep or show off gifts

  • Focus on gifts at gifts exchange

I hope all these pointers will help you to recognise your child’s love language and your relationship with him/her will grow stronger than before.

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