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Tips To Survive Your Baby's First Haircut — Salons Included!

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

In this article, I will be sharing tips to help you get through your baby’s first haircut.


Your baby is able to sit upright independently on your lap so it is easy for the stylist to do a good job on your baby's hair.


1. Schedule a cut during a time that works best for your baby.

Avoid scheduling it during nap time, snack time or whenever your baby is fussy.

2. Distract your baby with his favourite toy, pacifier, book or video on mobile or tablet.

Keep your baby’s hands occupied and comfort him.

3. Let your baby watch you get a haircut.

Let your baby get familiar with the salon experience before bringing him for a haircut.

This might help your baby get excited about having his turn someday.

4. Buy your baby a cute barber kit toy.

5. Trim your baby’s hair.

6. Face away from the mirror.

A kid-friendly salon will have plenty of toys, experience and patience cutting your baby’s hair.

Your baby might still get freaked watching a stranger trim around his head.

7. Set aside an afternoon for your baby’s first haircut and be prepared to take a couple of breathers.

8. Bring a spare set of clothes to change.

The cape might not fit your baby or he may refuse to wear it.

9. Give your baby a treat to eat.

Best baby salons in Singapore

1. Baby Spa

Baby Spa offers a haircut service for babies from 1 to 24 months old and a home visit haircut option.

Your baby can sit in a toy plane, a car or a truck and watch a cartoon while getting his haircut.

Contact Details: 6659 0292

2. Scissors Paper Stone

Scissors Paper Stone is equipped with games and movies on the iPad as well as toys to keep your baby entertained.

Besides that, it has a smile & snaps counter, in which a photo will be taken after the session ended as memorabilia.

Contact Details: 9853 9458

3. Little Red Dot

Little Red Dot does not take advance bookings, so you need to get a queue number.

It is located next to the forum playground which only members can enter and around payable kiddie rides to keep your baby occupied.

Contact Details: 6737 9925

4. QB House Kids

QB House Kids is equipped with iPads, an assortment of toys, and a play area for your baby.

Contact Details: 6323 2144

5. EC House Kids’ Corner

EC House Kids’ Corner has kiddie rides as the haircutting seat, so your baby can enjoy himself when getting his trims.

I hope all these tips will help you to get through your baby’s first haircut.

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