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When Do Babies Recognise and Respond to Their Name?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

As parents, you look for a perfect name for your baby.

When you have named your baby, you soon start wondering when your baby will recognize his name.

It is a special moment when you see your baby looking your way and smiling each time you call his name.

In this article, I will be sharing which stage your baby starts recognizing his name.

Talk to your baby.

When you call your baby, he will turn in the direction of the voice and give all his attention.

Your baby has identified you as a source of comfort with a familiar face and a safe place for him.

Help your baby to recognize his name.

Your baby begins to recognize his name between four to nine months.

Use a high-pitched or a sing-song voice when using your baby’s name.

Your baby’s name stands out from the rest of the words you use in a sentence and gets his attention better.

Repeat your baby’s name frequently.

The more you say your baby’s name, the more likely he will associate himself with his name.

Your baby will begin to recognize a pattern when you say that sound (the name), you look in his direction and ask for his attention.

Say your baby’s name when you play with him, talk to him when you change his diaper.

Call your baby’s name when he is eating.

Take your baby to a more silent room.

Focus on your baby wholly and stress on his name.

When there aren’t too many distractions, your baby will focus on his name better.

Share photos with your baby.

Pull out a photo album that consists of your photos with closed family members.

As you point to each family member, say each name.

When you come to a photo of your baby, point it out and say his name.

When your baby sees himself in the mirror, he may be able to identify himself with the photo.

Do not worry if your baby hasn’t recognized his name yet.

Every baby is different and takes different times to recognize his name.

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