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My Baby Wakes Up Crying Hysterically! What Can I Do?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

In this article, I will be sharing suggestions to help your child to sleep well, wake up happy, not crying, from morning and naps.

Why your child wakes up crying?

1. Not enough sleep

3. Hunger

Your child might not cry for food, but the discomfort of an empty stomach can make him just as cranky.

Suggestions when your child wakes up crying every morning:

1. Have an earlier bedtime.

One of the most common reason your child wakes up crying every morning is because he is still tired. If the original bedtime is at 8 pm, you can try change to 7.30 pm. This can help him get the sleep he needs while still waking up at the same time in the morning.

2. Tell your child to wake up happy the night before.

For example, “Good night. Tomorrow, you can wake up happy and excited for the day.” Positive affirmation right before sleep can help him rest soundly and wake up happy.

3. Cuddle with your child before wake-up time.

When your child was in his toddler bed, sit next to him and hold him as much as you are able to. By cuddling with your child before he wakes up, you help transition him from sleep into awake time. And since you are next to him, he is less likely to cry or fuss once he is fully awake.

4. Equip your child with tools to cope.

Your child may not know how to manage his big emotions. Teach your child to use words or sign language to express how he feels. Remind him what he can look forward to when he wakes up.

5. What do you do if your child is waking up not only crying, but early in the morning?

Set wake-up time at 6.30 am.

If your child wakes up at 5.40 am, calmly walk in, make sure all is fine, and let him know that it is not time to wake up yet and that he should go back to sleep.

As time goes by, your child might learn to soothe himself back to sleep, or at least learn that it is okay to wake up calmly and enjoy the morning while he waits for you.

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Suggestions when your child wakes up crying from naps:

1. Wake your child up in stages.

Open the door to the room and rub his back.

Go back and turn off the white noise, then leave the room again.

Wake him up gently so that he has more time to adjust to being awake.

2. Lie down with your child and hold him as he sleeps.

Rub his back.

Give him a kiss.

Lift him and sit in a rocking chair or couch so he can slowly wake up in your arms if he sleeps in a crib.

3. Set an alarm for music.

Set an alarm to play soothing, soft music at a certain time to gently rouse your child from sleep.

This helps to prevent post-nap crying.

4. Give an incentive such as snacks or drinks.

Remind him what he can look forward to now that he’s awake.

For example, his favourite snack is ready on the dining table or it is time to go for swim class.

5. Cuddle on the couch.

Let your child drink milk while reading books in bed.

Visit here for more details on “Bonding and Connecting with the toddler”.

6. Set a wake-up time and don’t get your child up any earlier than that.

For example, you want your child to nap for an hour, but he wakes up crying within 30 minutes.

Calmly go into his room and let him know there is still time to sleep, so he learns it is okay to wait until you get him up.

Then, if he is still crying 15 minutes later, go into his room once more and remind him again.

Get your child out of bed and ready for the day after the remaining 30 minutes have passed.

I hope all these suggestions will help your child to sleep well, wake up happy, not crying, from morning and naps.

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