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21 Essential Tips to Ensure Your Baby's Safety at Home

Updated: May 25, 2022

In this article, I will be sharing steps to protect the baby at home once he started crawling or walking.

Keep the baby from opening the cupboard.

This helps to prevent the baby from getting hurt or damaging things inside the cupboard.

Leave the chair blocked at the door.

This prevents the baby to go out of the door.

Cover the electrical outlets at home with tape.

Put a baby gate in the kitchen.

This helps to keep the baby out of the kitchen.

Use a hair tie to protect the toilet paper.

This prevents the baby to take toilet paper and make a mess on the floor of the toilet.

Cover sharp furniture edges with a blanket.

This prevents the baby to get hit or hurt.

Keep the dustbin firmly shut.

This prevents the baby to take things from the rubbish bin to eat or creating a mess.

Do not leave the baby unattended in the bath.

Turn the hot tap off first and then the cold one.

This prevents the baby from burning if he touches it.

Keep bath temperature for the baby to 37-38°C and for the newborn to 36°C.

Pop a protective cover on the bath spout.

This prevents the baby to hurt himself if he stumbles in the bath or touches it when it is hot.

Make sure there is a slip mat at the bottom of the bath.

This prevents the baby to fall and bump his head.

Remove all electrical appliances out of the bathroom while the baby is in there or store them in a cupboard that the baby is unable to reach.

Buy a window latch.

This prevents the baby from opening the window.

Make sure there are no chairs or objects the baby can climb onto nearby.

Buy a doorstop.

This will help hold the door open and prevent it from slamming shut.

Teach the baby to keep his fingers away from the hinge side of doors.

Lift any and all breakable objects up and well out of the baby’s reach.

Bolt TV to the wall.

This prevents the TV from falling on a child.

Attach bookcases and cupboards to the wall as these can topple over if your baby climbs on them.

Keep small objects, plastic bags etc out of the baby’s reach.

Do not show the baby how to unlock the door or latch.

This prevents the baby to learn and unlock the door or latch himself.

Remove pet care accessories such as dishes if you have a pet at home.

This prevents the baby to reach and eat it or drink it.

I hope all these steps will help you to protect the baby at home once he started crawling or walking.

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